All that is known about the celebration

all that is known about the celebration

December 13 is Taylor Swift’s birthday and, this time, he will do it with a very special person by his side: Travis Kelce. His partner plans to be as close as possible to the artist in an important moment, where he will blow out 34 candles. So he wants the first birthday he spends with her to be special, romantic and unforgettable.

Apparently, and according to information from Life & Style, one of the The bosses “hosted a very intimate romantic dinner just for the two of them and he’s also trying to throw a semi-surprise party with the help of some of his best friends.”

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Additionally, the two have been spending more time together in recent weeks, especially after Taylor Swift wrapped up her Eras Tour dates. The tour is not over yet, but he is resting for this end of the year.

Some details of the relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Last September, Swift went to see the Chiefs-Bears game live. Later, they were seen together at an after-party and also left the stadium. It was his first public appearance.

“It all started when Travis featured me on his podcast, which is pretty epic. We started dating after that. So we spend a lot of time together without anyone knowing. I’m grateful for that, because we know each other better,” he explained in an interview with TIME.

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It means that they had been in a relationship for about two months because when he went to see her, they were already a couple. In fact, they stated that they should never have a first date in public. If they expose themselves because they are already in love.