Amazon and Student Universe are promoting flights for students for only $25 dollars

Amazon and Student Universe are promoting flights for students for only $25 dollars

Amazon and Student Universe, a platform that specializes in travel reservations for young people and students in the United States, offers a special offer on airline tickets.

Tickets cost only $25.00 USD for domestic flights and discounts exceed $500.00 USD. This is a remarkable reduction in air ticket prices.

The initiative came up under the name “Amazon prime student members, home for the holidays.” The plan is to provide low-cost round-trip flights in a month when air traffic increases significantly due to the 2023 closing festival.

Carmen Nestares, vice president of Prime technology and Marketing at Amazon in the United States, revealed to USA Today the main purpose of the discounts. “As travel costs continue to rise, we’re excited to help make flying more affordable for Amazon Prime student members who want to spend this important time with family and friends.”

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How to buy tickets for $25 dollars?

This cheap flight promotion is only available for three days and for a few specific hours each day. To buy a plane ticket with this amazing discount you must be a student, also an active member of Amazon Prime and access the Prime Student x Studente Universe site.

The days allowed for reservations are from December 5 to 7, from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Only one thousand places will be given each day. We suggest that you enter the website early in the morning, because the promotion is available.

If you are lucky and part of the lucky 3,000, you should book your flight from the Student Universe platform. The offer is only available for outbound flights between December 8 and 25. Meanwhile, the return dates are from December 8 to January 14, 2024.

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