Amazon sells the most sought-after high-end headphones in 2023

auriculares JBL 230 NC TWS

Do you need to get new headphones, and you don’t know where to start looking? The first thing you need to decide is what type you want. We are clear about this because the TWS We find them to be the most versatile. In other words, those who don’t have cables of any kind and whose weight is so small that the feeling is not carrying anything.

If this happens to you like us and you want something like this, today we bring some of the best sellers on Amazon. They are the JBL Tune 230NC model and are now available in a variety of sizes and colors. However, yes, we recommend you go with the black ones because they have the biggest discount right now. They have collapsed by 20%, and you can get it at the lowest price.

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Noise cancellation and 40 hours of battery life

Let’s see what these headphones really have to offer! The first thing that catches your attention is how compact they are, because you can carry them in your pocket without even realizing you have them. In addition, they have no weight because they are stored at 58 grams.

Auriculares Jbl 230 Nc Tws

They are small, though they are bullies. And they have active noise cancellation, and they even have smart ambient technology. In this way, what it achieves is to block out the noise and isolate you completely. But if you need to know what is happening around you, you can always choose good action.

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As if all this is not enough, you should know that they have too much Pure Bass technology. That is, you will enjoy the strongest bass and the best sound quality. Almost surprising, especially when we consider the cost of the one they are now.

And we continue with one of the most basic aspects of any headphones worth their salt: this battery. We have no doubt about it: they are one of the best. The headphone’s own battery lasts 10 hours with a fee, but, in addition, in the case that you can, it lasts until 30 more hours. This way, you can charge them and almost forget you have to do it again until weeks later. It all depends, of course, on what you use it for.

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These headphones are a sales success

hold of water and splashes, they have a built-in microphone, and they are good when doing sports. They never lacked, as you can see in their details, so we were amazed at the price reduction that they have now.

Although they are likely to be around 100 euros right now, you can get them for 79 euros. And if we consider the quality-price relationship they offer, we can confirm that they have no rivals at this price!