AMD launches Embedded+ embedded platform, combining Ryzen processors with Versal Adaptive SoCs

On AMD Embedded+ Platform

AMD has announced the launch of Embedded+, an architecture that combines AMD Ryzen Embedded processors with Versal Adaptive system-on-chip (SoC) in a unified platform to provide scalable, low-power solutions that Accelerates time to market for manufacturing partners. Original Design (ODM).

AMD has created the Embedded+ architecture, which enables the use of a common software platform to develop low-power, small form factor and long lifecycle designs for medical, industrial and automotive applications. This is possible because it combines AMD’s Ryzen Embedded processors with Versal Adaptive SoCs.

The solution combines AMD x86 computing with integrated graphics and programmable hardware, providing deterministic, low-latency processing for critical artificial intelligence (AI) inference and sensor fusion applications.

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Combining this with high-performance-per-watt estimation enables high performance on tasks like flexible I/O, AI engines, and integrating real-time adaptive computing with AMD Radeon graphics.

According to a statement, the technology company explained that it developed this solution to help its customers reduce construction time without spending additional hardware resources on research and development.

Embedded+ allows system designers to choose from an ecosystem of ODM board offerings based on this platform and expand their product portfolio to provide better performance profiles for customers’ targeted applications.

The first Embedded+-based ODM solution is the Sapphire Edge+ VPR-4616-MB, a Mini-ITX motherboard developed by Sapphire Technology that leverages the Ryzen Embedded R231 processor and the Versal AI Edge VE2302 Adaptive SoC.

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