AMD redefines innovation with Embedded+ by combining Ryzen and Versal


AMD has unveiled its Embedded+ platform, an unprecedented blend of Ryzen and Versal architectures. This launch is known not only for its innovation, but also for its promise to revolutionize applications in critical areas, offering more efficient and lower consumption solutions.

AMD and an innovative merger

Embedded+ represents the culmination of AMD’s research and development, aimed at meeting the specific needs of the B2B market. The integration of Ryzen and Versal into a single die not only marks a technological achievement, but also responds to the demand for compact, low-consumption and high-efficiency solutions. The first example of this technology is Sapphire’s Mini-ITX motherboard, a solution that promises to change the rules of the game in the field with a consumption of only 30 W.

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The strategy behind Embedded+ is to make it easier for ODM customers to reduce certification and manufacturing time, allowing them to drive innovation without increasing hardware consumption. This platform is emerging as an ideal solution for applications in the medical, industrial and automotive sectors, promising significant improvements in terms of latency and efficiency over cloud solutions.

Embedded+ combines x86 CPU architecture with iGPU, programmable design hardware, and artificial intelligence, integrating Zen and Radeon cores for graphics. This synergy enables 4K rendering experiences with support for H.264/265 codecs, offering an exceptional performance/consumption ratio. The inclusion of AI capabilities solidifies AMD’s position as a leader in technological innovation.

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The launch of the Sapphire Edge+ VPR-4616-MB Mini-ITX motherboard marks a milestone for AMD and its industry partners. Equipped with the Ryzen R2314 CPU and Versal AI Edge VE2302 SoC, the device is a testament to AMD’s ability to deliver powerful and energy-efficient solutions.


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