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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

America: 6 died due to suffocation between laborers, screaming workers trapped in liquid nitrogen leak

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Six people died due to leaking of liquid nitrogen at a poultry plant in the northeast of Georgia state of America. Due to this incident, 11 people were injured, who were sent to the hospital for treatment. The officials gave information about this. The condition of at least three of those injured at the Foundation Food Group plant in Janesville has been stated to be critical. Poultry plants rely on refrigeration systems that include liquid nitrogen.

The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration and state fire marshals are investigating the deaths and causes of the leak. Hall County Sheriff Gerald Cauch said the investigation would take time because it is a long process. Nicholas Elcrum Leek, vice president of the Foundation Food Group, called the incident a tragic event and said there are early indications that a nitrogen line had exploded at the plant.

Liquid nitrogen dissipates the oxygen present in the air

According to the American Chemical Safety Board, after leaking into the air, liquid nitrogen becomes an odorless gas, which dissipates the oxygen present nearby. This means that in closed rooms, it becomes very dangerous, because nitrogen dissipates oxygen and the people present there have trouble breathing. Janesville is the hub of Georgia’s poultry industry. Thousands of people work here and most of them are people of Latin origin.

The injured were sent to the hospital

Hall County Fire Department Division Chief Jack Brackett said people who were safely out of the plant were helped. Even after this, the fire department brought out a large number of people, including the victims of the incident, who were immediately sent to the hospital. Georgia Health System spokesman Beth Downs said six people were killed and 11 injured in the incident, who were sent to the hospital.

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