America and its plans to further 'engage' with its 25 million fans in the US

America and its plans to further 'engage' with its 25 million fans in the US

America current champion of Liga MX, It has more than 25 million fans USA Which when Águilas goes to play a friendly match in the neighboring country to the north, tries to fill the stands and make the players feel at home, which is why at the Copa they have a plan to be close to their fans.

Football has grown significantly in recent years of MLS and of United States national team Apart from the fact that they will give the house club world cup In 2025, copa america 2024 And this world cup 2026 Therefore, America wants to take advantage of this expansion and come closer to them.

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According to hector gonzalez inarritu The US team’s president of operations explained that planning is already underway and that it is something that has been ‘cooked’ for quite some time, and assured that there will be an increase in training schools, friendly matches and more local sponsorships for the United States. .

“This is a plan that has been working for a long time in all aspects. The field of friendly matches, the development of the nests with a significant business plan; today we have 30 nests in the United States and we are going at high rates To grow from.

“Increased our partnerships with commercial partners in the United States, and it’s all about satisfying, communicating and staying connected to the fans there. There are about 60 million Spanish speakers, many of whom are Mexican and we have about 25 million people He said, “We have confirmed what is going on in America. Today we want to give them this communication network with everything.” gonzalez inarritu At a sportbiz event.

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Finally, the director of America They said they have reached a tie-up with the marketing agency img which is one of the most important USA Because it works with brands like MLS, NFL, NBA, Premier League, US Open, LaLiga, CONMEBOL.

“IMG is a very big marketing company in the United States, and we have an agreement with them that we go hand-in-hand with. They have contacts with sponsors who invest a lot in the games.

“Football is the fourth or fifth sport in the United States and they are investing a lot of money to take it to a higher level. Today the Copa America is coming, the World Cup is coming, and that will lead to faster growth in the United States. “Football in America.”

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