America finds the perfect war

No war is good, but there are some where staying far away from participating is a bad choice. This was the case in World War II, in which the determination of the United States to end Nazism was the key to Hitler’s defeat. Since then, however, the superpower has repeatedly waged the wrong war. After fighting in the flesh or behind-the-scenes Cold War conflicts that are worth forgetting, the memory of recent years takes us to gruesome scenarios.

The most obvious is the invasion of Iraq. The deceptive and cryptic attempt to link Saddam Hussein to the 9/11 attacks has torn the country and generated a sequence of disasters that we are still paying for. The one in Afghanistan was no better. The desire to forcefully impose a democratic model to end the outbreak of terrorism in remote areas has repeatedly clashed with a reality very different from the one designed in Washington’s offices. Democracy, after all, is the result of a history, not an organ that can be transplanted into a foreign body. That’s why failures happen again and again.

There’s an increasingly complicating factor with this: No one wants casualties. To return coffins or veterans from Vietnam or Iraq in a traumatic situation is to accumulate more trauma.

However, the war in Ukraine has become a suitable area for US involvement on terms favorable to the new standards. Here is one of Vladimir Putin’s collateral gifts to the West, as he has given NATO, which he considered weak and which he strengthened: without placing troops on the ground, backing the United States with artillery, intelligence and thousands The million dollar is crucial to Ukraine’s protests and even allows initiatives in places like Crimea, which until now were unimaginable. While Russia relied heavily on its espionage and its military in Ukraine, US intelligence has remained essential.

The United States cannot allow a great Russian rival to seize a great European country. Not a Democrat, not a Republican. And for once, and in keeping with the age-old values ​​that united America and Europe against Nazism, we can only agree here. Wars are not good, but there are reasons.

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