America: Julian Quinones describes Champions Cup defeat to Real Estel as “very difficult” TUDN CONCACAF Champions

 America: Julian Quinones describes Champions Cup defeat to Real Estel as

However, the naturally Mexican Colombian forward explained that with the goal in the final stages of the match, it would allow him to face the return game on the field of the Ciudad de los Deportes stadium with peace of mind.

“We know it was a very tough defeat, but we are calm. We managed to score a goal which helped us calm down and go home. Thinking about things we did wrong, things we stopped doing.

“In the meantime, relax, keep a cool head and wait for what’s going to happen, now go back home and think about what things we failed to improve and wait for the second leg,” commented Julian Quinones in the mixed zone after the first leg. of.

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The key is wide open against 2-1, it is only a goal difference and the team returns to play on the field of the Ciudad de los Deportes stadium in CDMX to try to tilt the series in its favor and thus Advances to the round off. Concacaf Champions Cup Round of 16.

“Just like they can do that, we also have a great opponent in front who showed good positioning, they won 2-1 and that should be appreciated, they have good players, we should not lag behind the opponent and be aware. We should stop what we are doing and get to work on the best way to achieve results.

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“The goal we scored in the last minutes was very important because the key is open and all that is left is to go to work. “We were confident that we knew the opponent we were going to face, we didn’t take anyone for granted.”

Julián Quiñones also pointed out that the defeat is not fair despite playing on a synthetic field, something they are not used to in Liga MX.

“We are not used to synthetic grounds, this is no justification, we are professional players and we have to play on any ground, the team has performed very well despite synthetic grounds not working but this is no justification at all .

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“We managed to play a great game, they performed better, we are local and it showed they know the area very well, we have to keep working, there is no justification for anything. Julian Quinones said, “Sometimes things go good, sometimes bad, today was a day when things didn’t happen.”

The United States will host Real Estel at the Ciudad de los Deportes Stadium in the second leg of the first round of the CONCACAF Champions Cup next Wednesday, February 14.


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