America wants new regulation of space


The US considers a new regulation of space necessary, as announced last Friday by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chair Jessica Rosenworcel in an institutional statement regarding the opening of the maintenance, assembly and manufacturing process in space.

“A new space age is here, In our distant skies we have new business models, new market entrants and new technologies leading to new satellite services and a range of space-based activities. This is exciting, and we at the Federal Communications Commission have looked into it. Because today we open a new file for Space Innovation.

The first step, or big leap, in this effort is the investigation we present today”, said the chairman of the North American FCC, “We believe the new space age needs new rules”, Because here on Earth, the regulatory frameworks we rely on to shape space policy were largely built for another era. They were designed for a time when going to space was astronomically expensive and limited by the skills of our political superpowers. No one imagined commercial space tourism would take hold, no one believed crowd-funded satellites and mega-constellations were possible in low-Earth orbit, and no one imagined the widespread popularity of space entrepreneurship. was,” Rosenworcel said.

,We are developing, for the first time, a registry to support In-Space Service, Assembly and Manufacturing (ISAM), Space involves a range of activities, including the repair and re-supply of satellites and even the assembly of completely new systems in orbit…. Of course, as we foster space innovation, we must promote safety and responsibility. That’s why this research also looks at how ISAM’s capabilities could lead to the development of new ways to clean up orbital debris. After all, there are thousands of tons of junk in space that, if not addressed, will limit those new opportunities in the skies, and ISAM can help improve this environment.


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