AMIS: What is the most stolen car in Mexico?

AMIS: What is the most stolen car in Mexico?

Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions ,amis) has already announced what Most stolen cars in Mexico During 2023, and there is no doubt that what is going to surprise is nissan versa It ceased to be the preferred model for lovers of other things.

amis He also informed that an incident of car theft had taken place answer Important, because a total of 61,222 were registered stolen cars in 2023, which represents an increase of 2.3% compared to that reported in 2022.

Despite this increase, the association has indicated that the figures in 2023 car thief They remain below pre-pandemic levels, as 81,872 vehicles were reported stolen in 2019.

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It is important to mention that these figures only consider stolen cars is that Safe We can therefore talk about a higher figure for this crime if we take into account the rest of the units that are not insured.

What is the most stolen car in Mexico?

As we already told you nissan versa ceased to be most stolen car However, in our country, unfortunately, another model from the Japanese manufacturer has taken that place, we are referring to np300,

out of total stolen cars In 2023, 2,904 units match Nissan’s cheapest pick-up Due to which it became the favorite model for lovers of other things in 2023.

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Below we share the top 5 Most stolen cars in Mexico As per details shared by amis,

  • Nissan NP300 – 2,904 units
  • nissan versa – 2,855 units
  • kenworth – 2,205 units
  • Honda CR-V – 1,638 units
  • chevrolet aveo – 1,549 units

amis It also revealed that heavy equipment units have also seen an increase in thefts, at 13%, while thefts of motorcycles have increased by 21%.


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