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AMLO morning, October 21, minute by minute

09:12- The conference ends.

09:07- López Obrador returns to say that he is going to Houston in the baseball playoffs, “with all due respect to the guys who are going to the Yankees.” He mentions he was going to the Dodgers Julius Uriah, “who is a great pitcher” and trusts that they will treat him well because he is following in Valenzuela’s footsteps. He watches a game between the Braves and Houston “because there are so many Latinos in it.”

09:05- Now it sounds like “Para la Libertad” in the morning, by Joan Manuel Seurat, which is presented for free at the Zocalo this Friday.


09:03- Joan Manuel Seurat is an extraordinary human being, sensitive, a person with great imagination, talent, a sense of humour, they say of the singer-songwriter. He regrets that he will not be at a concert in the Zocalo this Friday as he is visiting Guerrero.

09:01- López Obrador expressed that Macau, Chachalka, Buzzard helped us, claiming once again that he is second in terms of approval among world leaders, below the Prime Minister of India.

08:59- “I don’t want prisons there, I want many schools,” he declares.

08:58- Cocaine is discarded, apparently a substance in the water, fortunately nothing dangerous or associated with addictions, López Obrador reports on the intoxication of students in Chiapas.


08:58- It shows a payment made by Salinas Pligo companies following a court resolution.

08:57- He says that on Sunday the Tepoztlán-Kautla highway starts working.

08:54- He reports that this Friday he is going on a tour of guerrerowhere he will meet the governor Evelyn Salgado.

08:52– López Obrador mentions that yesterday he met Joan Manuel Serratawho offers a free concert this Friday in building closure,

08:49- López Obrador told that yesterday he looked for her Carlos Hank Gonzalezbefore the announcement banorte Missed from purchase process banamex, “I guess that’s why he’s looking for me,” he says.

08:47-What is the use of raising taxes if there is fiscal privilege and corruption?, he asks.

08:45- López Obrador appreciates that the income law was approved in San Lazaro “and there is no increase in taxes or entitlements.” Our country’s public treasury is strong, he says, emphasizing that “everyone is complying”.

08:42- President celebrates and thanks companies Ricardo Salinas Pligo According to a court resolution, “he paid a tax credit of a little over 2.8 billion pesos”.

08:40- monero paco calderone He’s going to live with the will because the devaluation isn’t going to happen, the economy is fine, expresses the president.

08:36- We think there will be no slowdown, he says. We are doing well, our economic indicators are good, he said no debt was contracted. We have financial stability, we don’t have currency depreciation, the peso is the most appreciated in the world, he says.

08:28- López Obrador recalls that in Oaxaca there will be a meeting of the Presidents of the Pacific Basin, with Presidents Gabriel Borík (Chile), Gustavo Petro (Colombia), Guillermo Lasso (Ecuador) and Pedro Castillo (Peru), who will lend a hand. as the chairman of this group

08:24- We are sorry because we want no city to suffer from governance crisis, the British are going to solve their matters in the best possible way, expresses the resignation liz truss as British Prime Minister.

08:23- The position of Juan Ramón de la Fuente on the Russo-Ukraine War, he says, is a guarantee of free expression of views.

08:20- I want peace and neutrality in Mexico, we don’t want hegemony, he expresses Russo-Ukraine War, He stressed that our foreign policy is older than that of other countries “and forged in the heat of suffering, martyrdom, loss of territory, invasions.”

08:19- López Obrador alleged that politicians use the immigration issue for electoral purposes before the next elections in the United States. “Don’t get the migrants involved in their affairs and we won’t get into that game,” he warned.

08:17- The president celebrates that the US government has decided on permits for Venezuelan immigrants. He declined to comment on the ambassador’s meeting. Ken Salazari Thief RachelEconomy Secretary.

08:13- They support their commitment to the care of Venezuelan migrants: “We cannot turn our backs on the suffering people, Mexico is a fraternal country, it will support itself in everything.” It is essential that ties between the US and Venezuela be restored, says López Obrador, when drawing the attention of Venezuelan immigrants. He mentioned that there are dialogues between Venezuelans that are confronted.

08:05- López Obrador mentions that the teacher alba aster gordillo helped him Felipe Calderone In 2006 for committing electoral fraud against him and “as a reward” given to him by the Under Secretary of SEP and ISSSTE. This supports its commitment to support workers in the health sector.

08:02- WE ARE CLEANING THE ISSSTE OF CORRUPTION WHICH IS Worst in terms of focus on the beneficiaries, expresses while alleging corruption in services. Supports its commitment to the right to health for all Mexicans.

07:59- “He who gives nothing, fears nothing, we’re not going to do any injustice,” López says of Obrador’s release. Ferdinand Villalobosmedical intern IPN Arrested for alleged theft of supplies from ISSSTE,
Regarding the release of Fernando Villalobos, an IPN internal doctor arrested for alleged theft of ISSSTE, López Obrador says, “If the doctor is innocent, he does not need to be prosecuted, but if it is theft, yes, regardless. There are obstacles.” supply.

07:57- President López Obrador assured that doctors are helped when asked about the working conditions of residents, trainees and social service workers.

07:55- “We care a lot about the revolution of conscience, informing, guiding, pedagogy is a necessity, transmitting knowledge (…) so the conference bothers them every day,” he says.

07:42- Criticism of those who wanted the story to come out of textbooks: “They took away civilization, they took away morality.”

07:47– accuses the conservative faction of not changing the content of textbooks after changing September Suspended the pilot program of the new curriculum. “Conservatives are very regressive,” he says, pointing out that he has the idea that “those who have the money to study should study.”

07:46- “It’s part of the controversy that should be, not to be surprised by,” López Obrador said of the interior secretary’s confrontation, Adam Augusto Lopezwith governors.

07:45- Peace is the fruit of justice and we can achieve it because Mexico is one of the countries with the most cultural traditions and cultures have always saved us, he says.

07:41- He says people are very smart. Once again, he points out that the youth are helped, not like before when they were called “Ninis”. He declared that the neoliberal model promotes violence and “undoubtedly hopeless”.

07:38- “Politics weighs heavily on them!” He expresses about the conservatives. He is confident that the reforms will be approved in the state Congress.
“I’m sure if National Guard It is being continuously strengthened and it continues to be supported by the defence, by the navy, it is going to be the fundamental institution guaranteeing public safety that we need”, he announced. He declares again that federal police was managed by Gennaro Garcia Luna, The term till 2028 is sufficient, he says.

07:34- He alleged that conservatives had a “hypocritical” and “little responsible” attitude for voting not to move the National Guard to Sedna and to extend the Navy and Defense’s tenure in public safety work: “This is hypocrisy. ” He criticized that the defense secretaries of Calderón and Pea requested that the constitution be reformed to “fulfill their functions”. “Now they are very calm and say they don’t want militarisation, hypocrisy and politics,” he says.

07:32- López Obrador emphasized that in the Congress of States it is being assumed that the National Guard passes Sedena and that the duration of naval and defense in public security functions is extended.

07:24- The president explains that when the visas the US gives to migrants expire, Mexico can request that more be granted. “We have to take care of the human rights of migrants,” he says. He said temporary visas should not be denied because there is a shortage of workforce in the US and Canada.

07:21– López Obrador emphasizes that programs such as sow life You building youth future Applicable in Central American countries.

07:17- The president says the US government’s decision to issue permits will help Venezuelan immigrants. He explains that the US Vice President, Kamala Harris, promotes investment in Central America to address the causes of migration.

07:15- He supports its commitment to support migrants, “and in the case of the Isthmus, there are municipalities where there are very few Venezuelan brothers and sisters of other nationalities, we are dealing with this matter,” said López Obrador. Talking about concentration. ,

07:10- Regarding the concentration of Venezuelan migrants in several municipalities, due to the new US measures, the president says there are shelters “and there is communication with municipal presidents and they are being helped.” Remember that the US government had decided to grant temporary visas to 24 thousand Venezuelans.

07:06- President’s conference begins Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.
Following a federal judge’s order FGR Enable National Forensic Data Bank, President López Obrador Responds Under Secretary alexander encinas The information is there, and will be next week morning. He “respectfully” asks to report to FGR.

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