AMLO wants a Supreme Court employee: Burgoa

AMLO wants a Supreme Court employee: Burgoa

Constitutional lawyer Francisco Burgoa assured that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador should reject partisan logic if it wants the second shortlist of candidates to appoint a new minister of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) to be approved by the Senate.

During an interview with Aristegui Livepointed out that the three women he proposed in the first shortlist (Bertha Alcalde Luján, Lenia Batres, María Estela Ríos) They don’t have a suitable profile because of his apparent closeness to the president and the national project he led.

Although he was positive that the proposals were considered women, he revealed that in their individual appearances in the Senate no one appeared to have the necessary technical knowledge to be part of the Supreme Court.

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Lawyer López Obrador stated “He wants an employee in the Supreme Court” rather than one with judicial independence.

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About apparitions, Burgoa summarized three interventions as follows:

1) Posted by María Estela Ríos against reviewing technicalities that is, verify the constitutionality of legislative processes.

2) Bertha Alcalde was wrong when she said that the indirect amparo trial protects only those who ask for it when since 2011 the indirect protection against regulations has general effect, unless they are tax regulations.

3) Lenia Batres attacked the court that he wants to belong to.

Amlo Wants A Supreme Court Employee: Burgoa

Photographs: Cuartoscuro

The lawyer announced that the appearance of the women who make up the second shortlist will probably start next Monday, because the Senate session ends on December 15.

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“On Monday the appearances were made so that The two possible rounds of voting will be held on Wednesday.” said.

He explained that initially it will be implemented one vote If any profile reaches a qualified majority (twelve thirds), the new minister will be appointed. If this does not happen, a second vote must be held.

If consensus cannot be reached, The president has the power to choose the minister. “Something that has not happened since the Constitution took effect, since the great reform of December 31, 1994.”

He finally explained that the second list should not change all profiles, because once the change is made it is considered new according to the law.

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Amlo Wants A Supreme Court Employee: Burgoa

Zaldívar’s resignation is unconstitutional: Burgoa

The lawyer also recalled that the efforts to appoint a new minister happened because of “surprising” resignation of Arturo Zaldívar from the Court which he described as unconstitutional.

“It is unconstitutional, because “He never justified the serious cause.”

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As precursors to Zaldívar’s departure, Burgoa points to the cases of Eduardo Medina Mora and Alberto Vázquez del Mercado, who in 1931 left office without justifying serious reasons.

“The three acting ministers who submitted their resignations due to serious reasons “They never justified it.” he emphasized.