AMLO's morning, 12 February, minute by minute


Follow the most relevant aspects of the conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador

08:46- “Tell George that what I consider most important in my life is my integrity and my conscience is clear and I am not going to give up while I am a leader, as a public servant I will keep my word The ideals are high,” López Obrador mentions.

08:40- By expressing “I want to answer you” AMLO asks that they show a publication on social networks of the article in Naxos by Jorge Castañeda Gutman, former Secretary of Foreign Affairs during the six-year term of Vicente Fox, where he Questioned whether the nickname “Narco President” “is appropriate for López Obrador;” The president says, “He should be friends with journalist Tim Golden.”

08:36- López Obrador says, “Lies are reactionary, truth is revolutionary.”

08:29 – Sarcastically, López Obrador asks the question “Do you want the change to continue?”, and explains “No, no, no, I no longer want a president like Andres Manuel, who is linked to drugs Trafficking. He also points out that people might prefer the President to be “a humble servant, in the service of the DEA.”

08:23- He alleges that public officials are “well served” with cards, high salaries and travel expenses, so his aim is to remove them from power, as even transparency institutions have not condemned these privileges.

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08:19- President López Obrador explains that the fact that reforms were carried out over 36 years where public interest disappeared should be the subject of investigation.

08:13- Addresses the new rules that will be included when implementing the Judicial Disciplinary Court in the new reform of the judiciary.

08:07- indicates that, due to the lack of oversight in the judiciary, the current Federal Judiciary Council will be replaced by the Judicial Disciplinary Court.

08:03- indicates that the Judiciary Reform Initiative proposes that an extraordinary election be held in 2025 to renew all judges, magistrates and ministers; Those who are currently in office will be able to participate in this election on equal terms.

08:01- Breaks down the new consolidation of the nation’s highest court.

07:58- Interior Secretary Luisa María Alcalde presents the objectives of the reform of the judicial branch.

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07:57- It has been told that the third part of the Mayan Train will be inaugurated on 29 February.

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07:56- Remember the Maya train ticket sales point.

07:54- Explains that the speed should increase and decrease depending on the section of the route, but the aim is to increase the speed from 120 kilometers per hour to 140.

07:49- An important fact to mention is that ticket purchases at the box office dominate online sales.

07:48- General Oscar David Lozano Águila, in charge of the Mayan train, highlighted that the “Rolling Jaguar” has transported 50,976 passengers since its inauguration, in its five convoys in service, an average of 927 people per day.

07:45- Congratulations to the members of Profeco on their 48th anniversary.

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07:43- Regarding the prices of the basic basket, David Aguilar reports that, the average per basket of the 24 products included is between 834 pesos.

07:41- This also highlights the low prices of LP gas in Mexico.

07:39- He explains that it was found that five gas stations did not provide liters per liter; They are found in Guanajuato, Nuevo León, Chiapas, and two states of Mexico.

07:35- The head of the federal consumer prosecutor’s office, David Aguilar Romero, reports on the prices of regular, premium, diesel and Mexican blend gasoline.

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07:28- Once again he attacks the media, believing that not all of them are impartial when presenting information to citizens.

07:26- He points out that his advisors are millions of Mexicans who have common sense.

07:25 – The President says, “We’re going to elect judges, people have a precocious instinct.”

07:24- He explains that not maintaining “elite powers” helps a lot in moving politics and people forward.

07:19- He emphasizes that judges, magistrates and ministers should be elected by the people, “Only in this way will we be able to move forward,” he assures.

07:18- When talking about reforming the judiciary, López Obrador says it has been hijacked and is in the service of a “greedy minority”.

07:17 – President Andrés Manuel López Obrador began his morning conference by revealing that his “tutupich” had not yet gone away, an infection that has persisted in his right eye for several days.

The word “tutupiche” is a Mexican term used to refer to gout, which is an inflammation of the sebaceous gland in the eyelid.


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