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AMLO’s morning, December 22, minute by minute

09:33- End the conference and wish the state reporters a Merry Christmas.

09:32- The President emphasizes the importance of remittances as the main source of income.

09:30-López Obrador cheers the governor of Quintana Roo: Mara, Mara, Mara, we love him very much and we are going to move!

09:28- López Obrador announced that jesus rodriguez as the ambassador of Mexico in Panama did not accept the offer and points out that it was proposed alejandro bichir, He is confident that the Senate will support Carlos Joaquin as ambassador to Canada.

09:27- Vargas Llosa writes well, now one reads a page of his recent novels and can not stand the dream, it is like taking a nap, one yawns a lot, it is boring, the President of Peru announced about.

09:24- vargas losa He is in everything supporting conservatism because he has become a royal, a staunch conservative, to the point that he has alliances with fujimori, says President López Obrador. He explains that the author became a Spanish citizen “because of his arrogance” after losing the Peruvian presidency.

09:21- The majority of Peruvians do not want the current Congress, López Obrador says, believing that the next democratic election will be held.

09:18- Once again López Obrador himself OAS: “It has become an instrument of serving the hegemonic forces.”

09:13- López Obrador says he will continue to talk about Peru, and will raise the issue with President Biden at their next bilateral meeting. He alleged that the US ambassador to Peru met with the Peruvian president, in the boulevard,

09:10- “What happened President Biden, with all due respect! (…) What I don’t like is Modito”, says López Obrador after the US President welcomed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “to America”.

09:06– Here the people rule, not the oligarchy, which seemed to own Mexico, so they are very upset, they say. He again alleged that a campaign is going on in the media against his government.

09:03- Regarding the political crisis in Peru, López Obrador says that it was a coup d’état by Peruvian conservatism, by Peruvian bosses: “They are class-minded, racist and very corrupt.”

09:01- López Obrador mentions that he is in Mexico since yesterday Lilia ParedesThe wife of the former President of Peru, and their children: they are welcome and here we are going to take care of them and protect them, this is to claim the right of asylum.

08:58- López Obrador instructs to think of a university and schools for the area, in addition to improving urban spaces. As well as improving the electrical system.

08:50- Governor Lejama highlights progress for archaeological projects in Quintana Roo.

08:44- President López Obrador condemned the repeal of taxes to companies in previous governments: “Not anymore.” He also mentioned corruption in drugs and permits cofepris,

08:39- There was a lot of corruption, its roots were deep. Access to government was an opportunity to steal, the president said, accusing “a greedy oligarchy”.

08:30- The President said, we are going to make extraordinary development in the South-East taking care of the environment. López Obrador responded in the morning to an aide who told him she was traveling by helicopter.
This man who is speaking now is the Mexican who knows the country most from the bottom up, not a Mexican who knows all the municipalities of Mexico and I have always traveled to them at the grassroots level: López Obrador.

08:26- there is nothing like it anywhere in the world delusional tendencyLópez Obrador reiterates that as he travels by helicopter to oversee actions and visit communities.

08:24- Stating that the former governor should take into account carlos joaquin While not “rewarded” as Mexico’s ambassador to Canada, López Obrador says he has “another piece of information” about Quintana Roo’s former president: “He did his job well.”

08:18- refers to the airport tulum Felipe Carrillo Puerto will be called.

08:11- President López Obrador mentioned again that by the middle of next year we will have one of the best health systems in the world. He alleges that the youth were not allowed to study in the neoliberal era and that is why there is a shortage of medical experts.

08:09- López Obrador: It’s very sad to say, but we managed to make sure that all COVID-19 patients were cared for in one bed, no one died outside the hospitals as happened in other countries.

08:07- López Obrador says that since 1977 he has worked with indigenous communities and had to launch IMSS-Copalmar in Tabasco. Highlighted his visits to hospitals across the country to guarantee the right to health.
He again mentioned that the plan to guarantee the right to health had been put on hold due to the pandemic.

08:04- López Obrador reiterates that “he left the entire public health system to us” because it aimed to privatize health and education.

07:49- Governor Mara Lezama says Quintana Roo is cemented as Latin America’s giant.

07:43- The State President assured the President that “the poor come first for the betterment of all.” It alleges a neoliberal period and tourism in Quintana Roo.

07:39 – Mara LezamaThanks to the governor of Quintana Roo, López Obrador “for turning his eyes to those who need it most” in the state with actions such as the Mayan train and the Tulum and Cancun airports.

07:39- This indicates progress in the investigation into the killings of journalists.


07:35- The Under Secretary of Defense cited various relevant passages and sentences. He mentioned the case of San José de Gracia and the murder of a judge in Zacatecas.

07:33- It reports that drugs were found at Michoacán customs during a work carried out by the Navy.

07:28- Ricardo Mejia Bardeja assures López Obrador that SAIL’s Jalisco New Generation Cartel With various arrests, such as “El Borrego” and his wife. It throws light on other operations of the Army and Navy.


07:24- Mejia Berdeja sheds light on the arrests of people in the operations of the armed forces for various crimes. Notable is the arrest of one of the CJNG’s main commanders, Jaime Rene “N”, alias “El Borrego”, an activist of “El Jardinero”, and his wife.


07:21- The Under Secretary for Security mentions other arrests and links to proceedings for various crimes such as kidnapping and femicide. The connection to the process of CDMX serial rapist Marcelo “Ann”, who posed as a CFE worker, stands out.


07:19- Mejia Berdeja reports the arrest of “El Planchado” for the murder of three people on the Mexico–Texcoco highway. It also mentions the arrest of “El Bam Bam”, the alleged leader of the criminal group Nueva Alianza.

07:17 – Ricardo Mejia Bardeja, Under Secretary for Security submits Zero Impunity Report. From 15 December to 21 December, 7,141 detainees were registered. Extradition from Mexico to the United States highlights.

07:11- The Secretary of the Navy highlighted the functions of the Armed Forces and National Guard,


07:05- The Secretary of the Navy, Admiral Rafael Ojeda Durán, reported that racketeering, domestic robbery, extortion and kidnapping had decreased in Quintana Roo, but feminism and rape had increased. The state ranks 17th in intentional murders.

07:03- The President says, in the South East, during the neoliberal period, there was no economic growth, there was a decline. We will continue to work for the benefit of this paradise of this state, he declared.

07:01- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s convention begins. Quintana Roo is a haven that has given much to the country as many Mexicans from other states come to work here and wealth is generated and distributed, he says.

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