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AMLO’s morning, December 27, minute by minute

09:39- The conference ends.

09:37- When questioned about the alleged plagiarism of Minister Yasmin Esquivel’s thesis, López Obrador strikes again at Reforma newspaper: he wants the “richest minister” to remain president of the court.

09:37- Once again he lashed out at Reforma newspaper.

09:34– Now that the epidemic is subsiding, we are in the health plan, says the President. He alleges an “absurd policy” that privatizes education and that is why there are no specialist doctors.

09:33– López Obrador highlights the advances introduced by Zoë Robledo on IMSS-Wellness.

09:28- The health system next year will be like Denmark’s, the president confirms. He accuses Reform of lying and launches against the medium.


09:26- The newspaper Reforma was co-responsible for leaving Mexico without specialist doctors, says López Obrador.
It gives me satisfaction to defeat conservatives because it defeats individualism, selfishness, those who have money as their god, racism: López Obrador.

09:25– “We are going to guarantee a quality health system for everyone like in Denmark”, he declared.

09:21- “Next year, by the end at the latest, we already have a public health system like Denmark’s, and it can get better,” López Obrador says again.
“In Denmark, to begin with, there is no corruption, as there was in Mexico,” López Obrador says when launching himself against the media and assuring that the country will have a better health system than his.


09:20- Zoey Robledo López points to Obrador’s 30 years of neglect of the health system in the neoliberal era: “Mexico became the champion of diseases that could have been prevented.”

09:16- The director of the IMSS says that what is published by the media is “not comparable”, which indicates that private health has overtaken public health.

09:13- “We are making a lot of progress,” López Obrador says when asked if he will achieve a health system like India’s DenmarkAt the time when he has left the presidency.

09:09- López-Gatell points out that there is no disbelief among people to get vaccinated with Abdala’s dose, and alleges that there is an attempt by the press to “discredit” the Cuban vaccine.

09:06- Cuban Commentary Rather It turned out to be one of the highly effective vaccines, says López-Gatell. Once again, he told the press that he was “confused” and assured that there were enough vaccines against influenza.

09:01- López-Gatell says that transmission of respiratory viruses is “more efficient” in cold weather and they begin to enter a seasonal phase.
One reason vaccines lose their effectiveness is because viruses mutate, such as SARS Cove 2.
They say that the expected period of vaccination is not shown.
The Undersecretary of Health says that existing vaccines remain protective against variants of Kovid-19.

08:59- The president denies tax hikes or fuel prices.

08:56– There is no longer any corruption in the government, no frivolous or unnecessary spending: López Obrador.
López Obrador: It is enough for the Mexican people to be able to say “we can pay for the holidays”, and after the holidays they will come with a great desire to work.

08:51- López Obrador implies that you have to sleep in and take vacations to have a family life. Once again invites you to visit the Islas Marias. He highlighted as “supporting” that taxes and fuel prices have not increased: “It’s not like before, ‘Let’s see, we’ve got to tighten our belts’ and the government wastes, luxuries, privileges. Huh.”

08:49- López Obrador announced that he had already signed the decree. eligible holidays,

08:48– López Obrador assured that before the end of the year the proposal would be sent to the Deputy Coordinator of the Bank of Mexico.

08:46- If we strengthen ourselves in America, we stop depending on other countries, he highlighted ahead of his next meeting with Biden. He also mentioned a “program for the welfare of the people of America”, which is “the strongest continent in the world, what is needed is integration, space and planning”.
He assured that we were going to leave a project for the entire American continent.

08:44- He mentioned again that he would have a meeting with Biden in January, which would also talk about business ties.


08:40- López Obrador recalls that he proposed that HimThe pope francisco And the Prime Minister of India intervened to end the Russia-Ukraine war: “But they did nothing!”
It begins before the Russia–Ukraine War against the United Nations: “When it should be looking for peace, it is stopped, dumbfounded, stunned.”

08:37– Remains neutral before Mexico Russia-Ukraine War, reiterates President López Obrador. He says that we maintain friendly relations with all the governments of the world.
“We don’t allow them to tell us who we should be in relationships with and who we shouldn’t,” he says. He is confident that war will be resolved peacefully because “wars are irrational, they bring misfortune, pain, sadness. , migration, cause an economic crisis, it can be the most irrational thing.”

08:32- He reiterated his appeal to the people not to allow themselves to be influenced by criminal groups. He points out that there are about three or four National Guard barracks that people don’t want to see built.

08:29- In recent days after the arrest “Tony Montana“Brother of”menchoLópez Obrador says he has no information about other arrests. He insists that the Federal Police was a disaster compared to the National Guard. He lights up the security tables to achieve peace and tranquility.

08:27- The president accused crime groups of trying to reactivate the support given to them by the people and denounced that in Jalisco they do not want National Guard barracks to be established: “They do not allow themselves to be manipulated.” Give, don’t protect these gangs”

08:24- Regarding the alleged delivery of toys and household appliances by the CJNG in Guadalajara, López Obrador says that previously “gangs” used to trust people, but that “has disappeared.”

08:21- López-Gatell dismissed that there is a “health alert” because of the possible contagion of rabies in two minors in a community in Oaxaca. He points out that human rabies transmitted by dogs has already been eradicated, “not that transmitted by cats or wild animals.”

08:18- López-Gatell confirmed that two minors from Oaxaca, a girl and a boy, are “seriously ill” because of a possible infection. Rabia After being bitten by one or more bats: “They are treating each other as if it were rabies.”
The rabies virus cannot be eradicated as it is spread by wild animals, this reflects and indicates the lack of health in this population.

08:14- along the route of delusional tendency will be monitoring National Guard, even on trains and by helicopter. “Fortunately, violence does not occur in the southeast as in other regions of the country,” says López Obrador, noting that the National Guard will be on Mayo train tracks.

08:11- When questioned about the creation of a national forest guard, López Obrador said that Campeche has barracks to deal with clandestine logging.

08:08- Joe Biden has a very good plan on migration, says Lopez Obrador, but the US has an anti-immigrant group like the governor of Texas.
Maybe governor of texas Go to temple or read the Bible, but in fact it is very inhuman and very anti-Christian, the President says that they use migrants for political purposes.

08:05- While migrants are in Mexico, we try to support them with shelter, food, medicine and protection, but this is a case that requires comprehensive treatment, says President López Obrador.

08:03- With few resources, Mexico has supported Central American countries, López Obrador refers to when highlighting sowing life why building a young future: “We have managed to keep people in their original communities”. There is already a lot of migration from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Colombia and Ecuador.

08:00- The President says that on Christmas, the opponents took a truck with migrants to the house of the Vice President of America, kamala harris, “For political interests”: “This is a very inhuman attitude.” He once again mentioned this in his bilateral meeting with Joe Biden Will tackle the topic to see support to the countries in greatest need so that people are not forced to emigrate.

07:58- López Obrador assured that the migrant phenomenon is being faced “to take care of migrants so that they are not abused and that a fundamental solution must be found to address the causes”. It is a matter of regret that no will was made by the other governments.

07:57- I’m not so concerned about the direction of traditional medicine, says López-Gatell, noting that there’s a much broader approach.

07:52- López-Gatell points out that there have been advances in traditional medicine, such as those published by the Pharmacopoeia of Mexican Herbs. cofepris, Under Secretary of Health warns of “danger of commercial opportunism” with the practice of traditional medicine.

07:47- Jorge Alcoser explains in CDMX that ozone therapy may change “sides” following the reform of local health legislation.

07:44- Lopez Obrador asks francisco gardunoDirector of INM, to review the case of a man imprisoned for bringing ayahuasca to traditional medicine. “We’re looking to release him,” he says.

07:41- López Obrador ironically said “we won’t last long because we went too far yesterday,” following the 1001 yesterday morning for 3 hours 27 minutes.

07:39- The process is progressing, we thank the states and the health workers, Zoe Robledo said of the IMSS-Bienestar program. Presenting the video of the transformation of the health system.


07:36- Zoé Robledo announced the closure of 182 Seguro Popular cash registers where they charged for services.

07:33- Zoey Robledo sheds light on drug supply.


07:30- The director of the IMSS says that in January we expect another 119 Cuban doctors to arrive. It highlights the review of documents to receive doctors from other countries in 2023 and mentions the expansion of the call for health workers.


07:22- Zoe Robledo, Director of IMSSpresents the advance of IMSS-Kalyan To take care of people without Social Security in 2022.


07:21– The Under Secretary of Health refers to another respiratory virus.

07:17- But influenza, López-Gatell describes the season as “more intense” than other years. Vaccines are available, he says.


07:14 – Hugo López-GatellThe under secretary for prevention and health promotion reports an increase in the frequency of respiratory infections and an eight-week increase in cases COVID-19, He cites fewer hospitalizations and deaths, and highlights that the vaccine has succeeded in protecting people from the effects. Call for vaccination.

07:11- Jorge AlcoserThe Secretary of Health mentioned that the majority of Mexicans will say goodbye to 2022 with encouragement, hope, solidarity and joy as the health system will be strengthened in 2023.
“No one is going to give up now,” said the singer, says the health secretary.

07:11- President’s convention begins andres manuel lopez obrador,

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