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AMLO’s morning, December 8, minute by minute

09:30- “It’s Part of Conservative Thinking,” Says President to Opposition’s Criticism of Announcing Minimum Wage Increase.

09:28- After the arrest of Pedro Castillo, the Peruvian opposition demanded that he stop interfering in internal affairs, López Obrador made it a rule to break ties with Peru: “It is not our intention to interfere in internal affairs.”

09:27– López Obrador accepts that there is no condition for traveling to Peru to hand over the chairmanship of the Pacific Alliance. He was to travel to Lima on 14 December.

09:25- “Calm down, calm down, just wait a while and just watch this,” López Obrador told morning attendees to claim once again that he ranks second in approval among world leaders, below India’s prime minister. are in place.

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09:24– López Obrador mocks journalist pedro ferries de con To say that black magic and witchcraft are practiced in the National Palace.

09:21- Regarding a “soft coup” that could have taken place in Mexico before Pedro Castillo’s arrest, López Obrador says, “They haven’t been able to and won’t be able to do that.” He launches himself against the media as he says they attack him. They say, we are already clean from infamy.

09:19- Once again, he expressed that the people pushed him forward in the impeachment process and that Iztapalapa supported him to become head of government. Sorry that Francisco I. What happened to Madero, “a good man, an angel of democracy, a saint.”

09:18- The coup d’état in Bolivia was overturned by the indigenous people, with the movement that turned to watch them express the triumph of the conquistadors Lula da Silva in Brazil.

09:15- The lesson is that you have to govern for the people, you shouldn’t trust people who are supposedly opinion leaders or belong to the so-called political class, a lot of lies: López Obrador for the political crisis in Peru.
To govern means to take care of everyone, but primarily those who need it most; People are not ungrateful, people are loyal, they say.

09:13- It happened in Brazil, it just happened in Argentina and now it’s Peru, says López Obrador about the arrest of Pedro Castillo. He advises the youth to keep in mind that politics is “to change, to make history.”

09:11- López Obrador on the political crisis in Peru after the arrest of Pedro Castillo: It is important to learn the lessons because it is being applied in different parts, they are soft blows, it is no longer a military intervention, it is already under control media information. They allege that the media are means to manipulate or justify acts on the contrary. Democracy,

09:08- “They already had everything to dismiss Pedro Castillo,” says López Obrador, criticizing the principle of “moral incompetence” for which Peru was dismissed. He says he spoke to him to tell him that Pedro Castillo was on his way to the Mexican embassy to request asylum: I asked Marcelo Ebrard to open the door, but they occupied the embassy shortly afterwards.

09:06- “I am very sorry for the people of Peru,” said López Obrador upon the arrest of ousted President Pedro Castillo. He mentions Keiko Fujimori, Vargas Llosa and the elite groups that “don’t think about the people.”

09:03- Despite noting Mexico’s foreign policy of “non-interference and self-determination of the peoples”, López Obrador expressed: We are very sorry for what happened in Peru because since Pedro Castillo won it was a victim of oppression, confrontation and His opponents were not, let’s face it, the elites who ruled.

08:58- considerable progress is being made in integrating Dos Bocas Refinery, It is already the last part before the start of testing, it is a huge task, reiterates López Obrador, pointing out that in 1980 it was the last refinery to be built. He assured that the opponents “do not know the history of oil.”

08:54- remember the new sedena airline is being called Mexican Aviation,

08:52- He insisted that Cedena be in charge of the airports of Palenque, Chetumal and the new airport. tulumwhile the navy administers carmen city,


08:50- President López Obrador exposed the railway routes: he did not privatize about 3 thousand kilometers.

08:48- “It was a blessing,” López Obrador says when talking about the Maya train, which is in charge of Cedena with priority tasks so that they are not privatized.

08:46- We do not want these functions to be privatised, says López Obrador, noting that the defense can guarantee it.

08:44- He confirmed that no one was owed the cancellation at Texcoco Airport. he mentions that he Interurban Train Mexico-Toluca It will end next year. This highlights the savings in the construction of AIFA: this is what allowed us to finance part of the Maya train.

08:42- He assured that the city made a “wise decision” not to continue with the construction. Texcoco Airport, He alleges that they chose the “worst site” with more subsoil areas because “the aim was to keep the present airport land.”

08:40- The President said that the Maya Train is a masterpiece and the entire government is supporting it to be inaugurated in December 2023. remember that AIFA It is in charge of Cedena with the Olmeca-Maya-Mexica Company: because we are doing all this with the public budget, it is not a debt; With savings, austerity.

08:35- Once again, López Obrador highlighted the Maya train’s route and announced that it would operate from Palenque to Chetumal with “a special non-polluting diesel”, which would be imported from Deer Park.

08:30- López Obrador reiterates his respect for the decision taken by the authorities for the possible renewal of the electoral process in the federation pemex,

08:28- López Obrador asked Mejia Bardeja to prepare a report on how he acted Genaro Garcia LunaBefore the upcoming trial of the former Secretary of Defense in the United States.

08:25- When asked, Lopez Obrador says bilingual cultural radio stations are opening adelpho reginoHeads National Institute of Indigenous Peoples to review concessions in Hidalgo for community radio stations.

08:19- The President said that when you fight corruption, you get the benefit of the budget. It is great that corruption continues to be cleaned up and that theft will never be allowed to happen again, he declared.


08:16- López Obrador declared that Vicente Fox was at first “fresh, not what he later became, stern and bitter, and had a sense of humor.” He alleged that “corrupt technocrats” were not moving towards reducing expenditure through austerity, let alone fighting corruption.

08:12- López Obrador explained that in 2000, when he was elected head of government, Vicente Fox asked for support to raise him Eva”: I told him that we have to fight corruption and implement an austerity program. And I didn’t accept, he says.

08:10- It should not be forgotten, it should be heard well and far, that the main problem in Mexico was CorruptionAnd worst of all, unscrupulous rulers, along with their comrades, didn’t even lose their honor, they say.

08:07– López Obrador celebrates that an alleged scandal in Hidalgo is being investigated: expected and already being the norm, it becomes a constant fact that there is no impunity at any level of government; Clean from top to bottom.
It is noteworthy that the governor of Hidalgo, julio menchacaSent an initiative to submit for the repeal of the mandate.


07:51- In The Making of the Mayan Train, the INAH director presents the discovery of a limestone figurine that may represent a dead warrior captured in battle. A video of the work in the Calakmul biosphere is presented.

07:49- Prieto explains that progress is already being made on Volumes 6 and 7. The program stands for the reclamation of promising archaeological areas.


07:47- We have more than 45 terabytes of information, which will nourish knowledge and study of the Mesoamerican Mayan world for at least the next two decades, says INAH director of archaeological rescues under construction. delusional tendency,

07:44- Mejia Berdeja says 13 journalists have been murdered this year and there has been no progress in the investigation.

07:41- Due to the meningitis deaths in Durango, the Under Secretary of Security reports that there are arrest warrants against seven people who have hospitalizations for manslaughter and serious injuries.


07:39- Relevant sentences have been mentioned for various crimes including femicide.


07:37- In relevant episodes, Mejia Berdeja highlights “El Negrolo” and “El Rani”, members of criminal groups.

07-34- Mejia Berdeja mentioned the deployment of the army and National Guard In the border of Jalisco and Michoacán, after the events of San José de Gracia, for which 87 generators of violence have been detained. It also throws light on naval security deployment.

07:27- Undersecretary Mejia Bardeja mentions action against insecurity cash me and seizures of drugs and weapons in various parts of the country, as well as arrests of criminal members in armed forces operations.

07:26- This highlights arrests such as “El Plaga”, an alleged member of the Sinaloa Cartel. It also highlights the link of Francisco “N”‘s process to the case. Flooding,


07:25- for female feticide rosa isla castroMejia Berdeja, who was pregnant and had the child removed, presented the progress.

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07:23- Undersecretary of Security highlights ex-mayor’s conviction Nochixtlan, Lizbeth “Ann”, and three others, for the disappearance of Claudia Uruchurtu. Throw light on other arrests.

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07:20 – Ricardo Mejia Bardeja, Under Secretary for Security and Civil Protection, presents the Zero Impunity Report. From December 1 to December 7, 7,614 people were detained. Throw light on extradition.

07:18- President’s convention begins andres manuel lopez obrador, The archaeological rescue work “which is the most important in a long time” has been highlighted during the construction of delusional tendency,

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