a Nina of 11 years died after being missing in the lake water park of liquid leave In windsorUnited Kingdom, last Saturday afternoon. Services of emergency An hour later the girl was traced and taken to the hospital where she eventually died.

the police Thames Valley It has said that investigation is being done on the basis of ambiguity of the girl’s death. police chief Michael Greenwood The following said: “It has been an event extremely painful You Worried For everyone involved.” Also, Many people who were at the leisure center Assistant 11-year-old girl but not “but They couldn’t locate him.” Greenwood adds. “I want to congratulate them for their courage and bravery,” he concluded. The BBC publishes it as such.

Several rescue forces were needed to trace the girl.

Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service, Surrey Fire and Rescue Service and South Central Ambulance Service got included in to the officers of policeman In the water park. The National Police Air Service also participated in the search, although it is unclear where exactly the girl was found.

Windsor and Maidenhead Local Police Area Commander Greenwood transferred “sincere condolences” and asked to be “respect” The privacy of the girl’s family. “We’re in early stages From Research To understand all of this phenomenon Circumstances,

The water park is temporarily closed

Liquid Leisure Windsor Water Park has written a statement on its page Facebook Tell me it will be Sunday cerrado and it will go on like this temporarily, In addition, he has issued a message showing his condolences to the girl’s family and friends: “Our thought You Prayer They are with the family, friends and everyone affected by this tragic and disturbing incident,” says Liquid Leisure Windsor at the beginning of the post.

Liquid Leisure Windsor Water Park announced in a statement that it will be closed this Sunday

Liquid Leisure Windsor Water Park announced in a statement that it will be closed this Sunday Facebook @LiquidLeisureWindsor