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An archipelago of minimum wages form the DR labor market

There are some 25 types of minimum wage, sector and non-sector, the review “zafra” started last week and should continue in the next few days.

The Dominican labor market is an archipelago of some kind of minimum sales, which deals with about 25 categories of regular salaries that turn each year into long and long meetings.

Globally, private employment in the Dominican Republic is divided into two: the private non-sector sector and the sector sector. Under normal economic conditions, that is, without price discrimination, the minimum wage is reviewed every year. Labor regulations only mandate minimum wages. The other steps are free.

Businesses traditionally start from the non-private sector, where the largest labor force is contracted, as the teams place the greatest weight in the real economy and in the household economy.

For this year, a new non-sectorized minimum wage was recorded at the time, due to the well-known position of the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, who announced in his accounting speech on February 27 that he would instruct the Ministry. Work to convene the National Salary Committee (CNS), with the indication that the agreed increase was “real growth”, that is, it was not a simple adjustment for inflation accumulated in the two years since the last increase, in 2021.

Last week the CNS, with the help of President Abinader, agreed and agreed with a 19% increase in the non-sector minimum wage, starting from 15% last April and the full 4% in February 2024.

what is it now

He concluded the period of the non-sectorised sector, which has six levels of salaries, which are four corresponding to the four categories, the size of the company, and the daily agricultural worker and security guard companies, now corresponds; a sectorised sector, which involves a larger review based on the number of activities or regions involved.

This happens despite the fact that within the CNS union the minimum wages in four categories are linked to the size of the proposed company. “The most beautiful thing is to respond to the size of the company,” said the engineer Isachar Burgos, past president of the Confederation of Dominican Small and Medium Enterprises (Codopyme), who participated in the previous business as the core of that business.

Since the idea of ​​Burgos has not been proven, which seems to have support in other “non-sectorized” and even official business areas, reviews should remain in the coming weeks to cover the minimum wage of at least 17 areas, which includes the footwear sector. pockets, bags, straps, belts and the like. The lowest wages in the industry are also listed in Construction and Related Sectors, in which the concept of man-hour is mainly applied and in which there are carpenters, painters, electricians, plumbers, engineers and heavy machinery. In addition, the minimum wage will be reviewed for workers in heavy machinery, in non-profit organizations, in industrial zones and in those that operate in depressed areas, in NGOs that provide health services, and in the hotel sector, covering workers in hotels. refraining from bars, restaurants, nightclubs and food businesses.

In this missionary work, a new minimum wage is composed: domestic service, which was established by a recent resolution of the Ministry of Labor at RD $10,000.

Meanwhile, with effect from the current payment of 02’2021, the minimum wage in the hotel sector is RD$14,000 for the highest, RD$10,650 for the middle and RD$9,500 for the lowest.

In the free zone country the minimum wage is RD$13,915, and in the sugar industry the minimum wage just starts from the level of RD$12,000 and the non-profit sector is RD$14,500.

Rates for plumbers, carpenters, electricians, painters and heavy machine operators are set according to the type of building and the specific characteristics of the work to be done.

Employers union

The president of the Confederation of Dominican Employers (Copardom), Laura Peña Izquierdo, said on Friday in the program Despierta con CDN, the idea of ​​the Ministry of Labor to share the 17th minimum wage that the country has in one. . “I strongly agree with him, and the point of conversation in the business sector has been that there should only be one or two minimum wages,” he said.

He said “the topic of the salary conversation in our country is tiring, because, as you well know, we start with the sectorized, and then others come and stay for months talking about the salary, where they end and where they did. It does not end up.”.

“Yes, I understand that we should have an average salary, that’s what needs to be done and we need to review it. But I believe that one of the goals that we put on the table is to try to reach at least the minimum wage in the Dominican Republic,” explained Peña Izquierdo.

Recognized region

By virtue of last week’s CNS decision, the minimum wage for workers in large companies will go from 21,000 pesos to 24,150 pesos in the first stage, and in February 2024 it will be 25,116 pesos. The largest middle class, with a minimum salary of 19,250 pesos, would earn 22,138 pesos and in February 2024 it was set at 23,023 pesos; while the small ones, whose salary is now 12,900 pesos, will reach 14,835 pesos, until they reach 15,428 pesos in February 2024. For microenterprise workers, whose minimum wage is 11,900 pesos, the salary in April will be 13,685 and in February 2024 it will be 14,232 pesos.

The CNS agreed to increase private security guards, whose current salary is 17,250 pesos, with an increase of 19,837.50 and in February 2024 it will go to 20,631 pesos.

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