An association condemns the “ineffectiveness of the judicial system”…

An association condemns the

Galgos del Sur Animal Protection Association condemns The slowness, ineffectiveness and inefficiency of the judicial system, later not resolved two years immediate confiscation of dogs over 60 what you requested poor health and deplorable conditions of the cleanliness in which they lived.

facts go back July 2021 When Galgos del Sur found a place during an investigation into the abuse of hunting dogs in Spain A rehala in a municipality in the province of Córdoba Complete Dogs chained, sick, malnourished, full of parasites and some of them on the verge of death.

Presented by Animal Guardian Complaint before the Court of Instruction No. 1 of Montoro, Request to take immediate precautionary measures. These included the confiscation of all the animals used to make rehala.

To support this request, Galgos del Sur contributed not one, but one three veterinary reports It documented in detail the condition of each dog, the need for immediate veterinary attention for many of them, and the risk of death if it was not received in time.

moreover Regional Agriculture Office (OCA) released another report, In which he pointed out that the dogs were in poor hygienic-sanitary conditions.

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In danger of death

One of the veterinary reports sheds light on the “survival of the middle”. 60 and 80 dogs are completely abandoned severely malnourished and without meeting the minimum requirements, compromising the health and welfare of the said animals”.

someone appreciates complete lack of care living in grossly inadequate sanitary-hygienic conditions, no access to food or drinking water On their own faeces and urine, tied with short chains, some of them about 25 cm long, with which they can barely lie on the ground”, he describes.

According to the signing veterinarian, these conditions are imposed Endangering the health of animals and endangering their existence.

“everybody has Malnutrition is such that most people do not reach 60% of their weight what they should have Open sores and ulcers of various sizes on the skin. Status of External parasitism is worrying. There are dogs that require immediate veterinary care to avoid a fatal outcome,” he warns.

Veterinary reports also include State of cachexia and dehydration in addition to obvious symptoms of the disease, Such as liquid diarrhea with blood, parasites and mucus in the stool, fever, apathy, skin lesions, sores, baldness, itching, eye and ear infections, and wounds consistent with untreated chronic diseases.

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“If such living conditions continue for a short period of time, many These animals will be destroyed. All of them need veterinary care and many of them will need it. hospitalization and intensive care”, he concluded.

Judicial slowness and ineffectiveness

southern greyhound states that, despite urgency of the matter and of Strength of the reports from three different veterinarians This complaint was not registered till two months later, While the mandatory veterinary inspection took about seven months.

In addtion to this eye examination carried out by Nature Protection Service of the Civil Guard (SEPRONA). Agent they didn’t record Regarding the conditions in which the animals were found, he confined himself to a description of the facilities in which they were confined.

for his part, he Treasury Ministry, Holding that the existence of three reports issued by three different clinical veterinarians was not sufficient, Requested the court to appoint a veterinary expert. A designation which, to date, and according to the animal protector’s complaint, has yet to be made.

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Currently, two years after the discovery of this rehala and the complaint filed before the competent judicial bodies, and despite the presentation of evidence by Galgos del Sur, which shows signs of the existence of a alleged offense of falsification of document By the veterinarian of the said Rehala, the matter is in limbo pending resolution by the court, with the aggravating circumstance that some of these dogs may die in course of time.

Institutional security

Finally, Galgos del Sur insists on “institutional security” what does she have thousands of hounds were abused in Spain”, among those that are part of the Rihals, as well as “inaction” on the part of the authorities in the face of “Dente-esque situations in which these animals are living poorly in the service of the hunt”.

“We asked ban on hunting with dogs in the open field, To end forever the abandonment and rampant abuse and impunity of these animals, as is the case in many countries in the rest of Europe”, says the president of Galgos del Sur, Patricia Almansa.


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