An expert predicts what will happen to fentanyl in Spain “in a few years”

An expert predicts what will happen to fentanyl in Spain

Fentanyl is a substance that has caused great concern around the world, especially in the United States, due to the use given to many of them to get high, which has caused hundreds of deaths due to overdose. This fear of this ‘zombie’ drug has also reached Spain.

Dr. Andreu Cueva, anesthetist at Vithas Valencia Consuelo Hospital, commented that “in a couple of years” Spain “could face a serious problem with fentanyl” due to its “high toxicity.” Its biggest risk is that it is “extremely cheap” to produce, it can be done anywhere and the benefit it provides to those who traffic this opioid is “astronomical.”

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The expert wanted to explain what fentanyl is, “it is a synthetic opioid that is often used in operating rooms around the world. It is very dangerous to use it outside.

Fentanyl is very cheap to manufacture and very powerful, therefore, “drug traffickers realized that the economics of marketing this drug were superior to others.” Making a comparison, Andreu Cueva pointed out that “if for a kilo of cocaine they get approximately 50,000 euros, we are talking about that for a kilo of fentanyl they can get about a million euros.”

Just one milligram of fentanyl can kill a person.

The anesthetist pointed out that “it is very easy to reach a toxic dose of fentanyl, because, with just one milligram, it can kill a person” and it is the reason for “the large number of deaths that are in the United States United States. for this reason.” Because an overdose happens quickly.”

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One of the biggest problems with fentanyl is its addiction rate, “it’s close to 100% while cocaine is 20-30%.” In addition, it is so powerful that it is very easy to overdose. According to the expert, the expansion of fentanyl as a recreational drug is “very difficult to control.” Some drugs have been mixed with fentanyl and there are people taking it without knowing it is in it.