An underground crystal cave that astonishes the world

An underground crystal cave that astonishes the world

giant crystal cave this is one of the best captivating of made up, is located about 300 meters deep Feather Naika’s mineMexican state. In chihuahuaHouse landscape that borders on surreal, is about large blocks of selenite pure he makeup loss crystal plus Huge Of world.

Thanks to that, Mexico has its place Guinness Book of Records since it is world’s largest crystal cave, big glass Abdomen 11 meters tall, about. their Name Is Naika CaveAlthough it is known as Crystal Cave,

An Underground Crystal Cave That Astonishes The World

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Combination of mineral saturated waterAnd this radiates 45 to 55 degrees from the magma passing under the cavegave rise conditions for appearance From Selenite 500 thousand years ago. Selenite one is plaster variety who gets me clear glass shape, it was 2000. searched in for Brothers Alloy and Javier Delgado, two miner by profession,

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Shape And this grandeur Naika is a result of cave crystals size of selenite, This is one of those special features Why? minerals,

An Underground Crystal Cave That Astonishes The World

for them Dimensionsthere is not Nothing Compares to the Crystals of the Cave of Naika in the rest of the world, but there is evenly spaced, on another scale. it’s about pulpy geode, in Almeria. Is Largest cave in Spain and second largest cave in the world after Mexico,

Naika Crystal Cave can visit, You don’t need to be a geologist or an expert. you just have to have an adventurous spirit You meet certain requirements By high temperature And this high percentage of humidity,

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