Ana del Castillo apologizes for her Latin Grammys performance: “I didn’t mean to be disrespectful”

Ana del Castillo apologizes for her Latin Grammys performance:

On Thursday, November 16, 2023 in Seville, Spain, a new edition of the Latin Grammys took place, where Colombian artists once again showed their great talent. However, Vallenata actress Ana del Castillo received criticism for her behavior.

At the ceremony, Colombians shined not only for the 13 awards they won, but also for their live performances. Ana del Castillo, who was invited for the first time and nominated for the best new artist, also had the opportunity to present several awards.

The Vallenata artist has caused laughter and memes in social networks because of his particular behavior in presenting some awards, standing out with his jokes and sayings at the ceremony. The character divided opinions, some praised his personality, but others pointed out that it was inappropriate for the event.

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Ana del Castillo’s most criticized moment at the Latin Grammys was when she had to present the award in the best category of Latin jazz album, where when discussing the winner, because she has an English name, she said “oh, no I know.” that”.

The moment went viral amid laughter and criticism, which is why the famous woman recently apologized for what happened. Ana del Castillo stated that the experience of attending the ceremony was unique for her and that she did not want to look bad by not being able to speak a word in English.

“I was going to say something in English and I don’t know how to pronounce it, but I don’t want to disrespect the winner, because I did it from the heart,” said the Vallenata singer in a recent presentation which he had when he returned to Colombia.

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The artist added that, because of the discomfort at the moment, he decided to cut the ice with his character full of energy and sayings traditional to his native Caesar.

“He came to the Grammys and thought he was at the vallenato festival”, “I don’t listen to his music, but I enjoy his energetic way of being”, “True people are the purest hearts”, ” What ballot woman, which shows corruption”, pointed out many Internet users on social networks.

Despite the criticism, Ana del Castillo boasts in her profiles the moments where she talks to artists she admires such as Laura Pausini, Karol G and Shakira.

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