Ana Galarza ate PSC alive


A resounding failure is the continuation of the political trial against Guillermo Lasso, interrupted in May due to the death of a crusader and resumed this Wednesday by order of the president of the Assembly, Henry Kronfle. After two full days of speeches, the Plenary did not dare criticize the former president, as desired by Correístas and Social Christians. It limited itself to approving a resolution of condemnation, bombastic and verbose, but without any legal or practical effect. A resolution that contains the tacit acceptance that what they propose is not legitimate because the Constitution of the Republic does not consider the possibility of impeaching a former president The start was offered, with deep expertise, by Construye assembly member Ana Galarza, the real winner of the day.

The resolution consists of 81 recitals that even the 116 members of the assembly that approved it have read or are reading, and 6 points of operation that the secretary of the assembly, Alejandro Muñoz, read with artificial solemnity, in a vain attempt to give content to what it does not have. Article 1 states that Lasso is politically responsible for the criminal offense of embezzlement (that is, politically responsible for an unproven criminal offense). Article 2: remind the Judiciary that this resolution was issued by the Plenary Assembly (a very important notice, considering the tendency of the Judiciary to forget things). Article 3: reject the appeal of the cross death during a political trial (that is, reject the Correísta Constitution that put this appeal there for the same purpose). The three remaining resolutions provide for the notification of the president, the official registry, the prosecutor’s office, and the comptroller’s office, the body that provides the basic information about the trial and finds nothing in it.

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In “censorship and rejection,” which was the original purpose of the trial, the Correístas and Social Christians reduced themselves to “manifest,” “REMEMBER,” “reduced,” and “notification.” The extent of his defeat is described in the verbs of resolution.

The debate began on Wednesday afternoon, with Christian Socialist Vicente Taiano defending the constitutionality of the purpose. According to him, even though the Constitution does not allow former presidents to be prosecuted, the current trial is legitimate since it started when Guillermo Lasso was still president. Ana Galarza remembered that the goal of the political pursuit of a president is his dismissal, something that cannot be done when it has already been stopped. Yes, he said, soothing the spirits of the prosecutors: Lasso’s “is one of the worst governments in the history of Ecuador.”But he cannot be charged. We run the risk, he said, that he will sue the state and get compensation. “The only thing missing is a destructive president to deliver.” Because of this, he proposed a resolution of condemnation “so that Guillermo Lasso can no longer be president.”

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The Assembly was divided between criticism and symbolic disapproval of the Lasso

The decision, as usual in this house, was made behind closed doors. It happened on Thursday morning: the continuation of the debate was delayed for almost an hour while the trial advocates decided privately what they would do. Ana Galarza offers them a harmless but dignified way out, and they take it; however, it’s all they have left. Vicente Taiano does not seem to admit his mistake. No one does it publicly. Simply put, Correísta Viviana Veloz, the main accuser, moved a resolution that was very different from what she wanted, and everyone continued as if it were a great victory. The content of the secretary, when reading the ruling verbs of the resolution (“ma-ni-fes-tar, re-cor-dar…”), disguises as much as he can the emptiness of the text and the depth of this failure.

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Although the impeachment trial must be limited to the cause approved by the Constitutional Court (theft in the case of contracts between Petroecuador and Amazonas Tankers), almost none of the members of the assembly who participated in the debate discussed the matter. They talk about insecurity, migration, the crisis, etc. They want to criticize Guillermo Lasso for being a bad president.