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analysis | Cornyn pinned hopes on what a bipartisan gun deal would look like

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Good morning, early birds. OK OK OK. Are they going to make a deal? (If not found, see Viral below.) Tips: [email protected] Thank you for waking up with us.

in today’s edition …when the Biden administration deal with authoritarian leaders And when it won’t… what are we watching today …will give today’s primary exam Democrats on Crime And Republicans on Electability and Trumpreport post Hannah Knowles And Annie Linsky … but first …

Cornyn pinpoints hopes for what a bipartisan deal on guns will look like

As chief negotiator for Senate Republicans, John Cornyn (Texas) The legislative response to recent mass shootings is key to any deal and he raised hopes Monday on what could be achieved.

His message: There won’t be sweeping changes to gun laws. The ability of “law-abiding” citizens to buy weapons will not be curtailed. The size of the gun magazines would not be limited. The lifespan of assault weapons will not be extended. Cornyn stressed that any proposal on the guns would focus on incremental changes.

  • “What I’m interested in is keeping guns out of the hands of people who, according to current law, don’t have them: people with mental health problems, people with criminal records,” Cornyn said on the Senate floor.

His discussions with Democrats are narrow. cornin and Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) are negotiating a modest package of proposals that would include state incentives for mental health resources, school safety nets, increased background checks and red flag laws.

Cornyn, who is very close to the Republican leadership and was deputed by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) To lead the talks, has been at the center of gun talks in the past and has had success pushing incremental bills.

His approach to current negotiations mirrors a deal he struck with Democrats in 2018 after the November 2017 shootings in Sutherland Springs, Texas, which killed more than two dozen people. that legislation- FIX NICS ACT – Focused on reporting systems that failed to prevent a former Air Force airman convicted of a domestic assault from buying a gun.

But that bill drew criticism from some Democrats at the time for not being ambitious enough.

“What will prevent future tragedy?” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (DN.Y.) said in 2018. “There will be extensive background checks. There will be no fixed NICS bill.”

Nevertheless, FIX NICS became law.

  • In the current conversation, Cornyn is only likely to make a deal if he can win the support of nearly half the GOP convention If not more as opposed to at least 10 votes that would be required to get around a filibuster.

“He’s not going to sign something that only has a bare number of Republicans,” said Brian WalshowA former Cornyn communications director who is now a partner plus communication,

When asked how many Republicans would agree to a Cornyn-negotiated deal, Sen. Lindsey O Graham (RS.C.), said, “Half the conference is a possibility.”

Republicans Say Twice Failed Bill Known as munchkin-tumewhich will expand background checks to gun shows and internet sales, is not on the table, Instead, the talks will “reform” or “reform” background checks, a Cornyn aide said. He said it would not “expand” them.

That has left some Democrats questioning what kind of deal could be given given the limited scope of the censored background check bill. Joe Manchin III (DW.VA) and Patrick J Tumayu (R-Pa.) Nine years ago.

  • “I don’t know how you get any thinner” than Munchkin-Toomi, said Munchkin, who is now part of the group discussing possible changes to the laws governing background checks. “I’m just trying to figure it out.”

Cornyn, Murphy and other interlocutors are discussing additional background checks for people aged 18 to 21, the age profile of many shooters, in which their teen background checks can be performed.

“Now the question is ‘what is fair?'” said san thom tiliso (RN.C.), who met Cornyn, Murphy and its. Kirsten Cinema (D-Ariz.) Monday night about the Uvalde and Buffalo legislative response. “But I think it’s fair to say that to be a part of it.”

Some Democrats doubt Cornyn’s involvement because they do not trust him or McConnell to deliver a significant deal. But senators who are closer to the talks, despite its incrementalism, have a more positive view of the role of Texas Republicans.

“I like John. I trust John,” said Munchkin.

“John is great. I think John will bring some people along.” san john tester (D-Mont.) said.

If that route is chosen, Cornyn could have a place to reach an important settlement. He is not up for re-election until 2026, and some Texas Republicans are pushing him to go ahead with what the current talks suggest.

A group of self-described “outdoor and gun enthusiasts” who “voted for Republican senators” and “believed in the Second Amendment” pulled out a full page ad in on sunday Dallas Morning News Encouraging Cornyn to strengthen red flag laws, expand background checks, and raise the age to buy a gun to 21.

Todd McLeana former JPMorgan Chase The executive who paid for the ad wrote in a text message to Early that his list of supporters had more than doubled since Sunday to more than 450.

“We are encouraged by the ongoing discussions in the Senate,” he wrote.

Senate negotiators are also encouraged. “It feels different this time. It really does,” Graham said. “It looks like maybe we can put some points on the board – some field goals.”

No one is talking about scoring touchdowns.

When will the Biden administration deal with authoritarian leaders and when not

Apples and Oranges: Why the Biden administration decided to exclude the authoritarian leaders of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela from this week’s summit of the US in Los Angeles – a move that led the Mexican presidency Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to announce on Monday that he would boycott the summit — even President Biden Hoping to travel to Saudi Arabia soon?

The White House has yet to announce Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia, but when asked about the situation on Monday evening during a call with reporters, a senior administration called it a “little apples-and-oranges comparison.”

“When we feel that it is in our interest to do so, the administration associates with undemocratic regimes,” the official said. “It is a different question whether we will invite those countries to participate in a regional gathering that we believe has the best intention to celebrate democratic principles and which unites the vast majority of the hemisphere.”

We’re keeping an eye on what Republican and Democratic senators say at their respective closed-door lunches today. The two sides are expected to discuss the status of the talks separately. Are the members who are not involved as positive as the interlocutors?

We will also see if McConnell Mention background checks and red flag laws at their weekly news conference that are being discussed. If he only mentions school safety and mental health, the other two components of the talks, the prospect of a deal that could garner Republican support could be on shaky ground.

New this morning: lobbying firm immovable hired Paul Archangelic, who stepped down in April as the staff director of the House Armed Services Committee. He plans to register as a lobbyist. He is a Democrat, but he “lives a bipartisan life” according to the firm; Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Ok.), ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, praised him in a statement released by the firm.

Are you ready? today’s primary california, Iowa, Mississippi, montana, new jersey, new Mexico And South Dakota “The identities of Democrats and Republicans will further shape in the midterm, as established GOP candidates — some of whom have trailed Trump — try to distance challengers from the right and position their party as liberal contenders.” With the response to policies and … growing concerns about an increase in violent crime,” our colleagues Hannah Knowles And Annie Linsky report good.

  • “And for once, the Democrats will be watching” Districts where they can commit crimes: The four Republican House seats in California, which are now held Representatives David Valladao, Mike Garcia, Michelle steel And young kimand one held in New Mexico Yvette Herrell“The The New York Times ‘Jonathan Weisman’ And Sean Hubler report good.

Here’s what to expect in California, the state with the biggest race of the day:

angel: “The most high-profile race in the state is the mayoral competition in Los Angeles,” Per Los Angeles Times’ Seema Mehta, Priscella Vega And Terry Castleman, “About $33 million has been spent on advertising in the race – more than three-quarters of which came from the billionaire candidate. [Rick Caruso] – Making it one of the most expensive competitions of the year in the country.”

  • “Caruso has spent millions of his own money to present himself as a candidate for change” who will face crime and homelessness,” Knowles and Linsky write. “He became a Democrat this year, switching from ‘No Party Preference,’ but trying to indicate that he was the prototype member of his new party. Won’t be.” Caruso’s main competitor in the crowded race is Representative Karen Basso (D-California), “a noted lawmaker with a history in community organizing.”

San Francisco: “In San Francisco, Voters Will Decide Whether to Recall the Liberal Prosecutor” [Chesa Boudin] who has been accused by critics of being too liberal,” according to our colleagues.

  • Boudin rose to national prominence in 2019 as a ‘progressive prosecutor’ Promised to fight mass incarceration. He is now the focus of anger over rising crime during the pandemic, as Democrats tighten their tone on crime across the country and Republicans continue to draw attention to some far-left calls to ‘discredit the police’ keep.

40th District: “A Super PAC dedicated to maintaining a Republican majority in the House of Representatives seeks to promote the incumbent” representative young kim (R) because she faces a challenge to her authority from a retired fighter pilot Greg Rathso,

22nd District: “A similar test of Republican priorities is unfolding in the state Representative David G. valadao, one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump last year. Trump has not supported challenging Vallados, unlike other races where he has recruited candidates and sought to punish officials who helped certify the 2020 presidential election.

  • “The Jungle Primary Will Reveal How an Impeached Republican Fares Without Trump’s Direct Participation,” USA Today’s Dylan Wells writes.

Mass shootings in 2022, envisioned: “There have already been more than 240 mass shootings in the United States this year,” our allies Julia Leduro And Kate Rabinowitz report good. “There have been thirty-three since violence at an elementary school in Uvalde, Tex., on May 24 killed 19 children and two teachers. Over the past weekend, 11 people were killed and more than 60 injured in mass shootings in several cities. Have become … Not a single week in 2022 went by without at least four mass shootings.

️ Spotted: An Uvalde Native on The Hill

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