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Analysis of Monkeys Don’t Feed 2099, a storyteller simulator

Human stories are from nature and Monkeys from Fictiorama Studios do not feed our curiosity in 2018. The title was a kind of graphic health and resource manager that basically put us in the middle of the world. control over the entire system of hidden cameras in different houses or places where very special “things” happen. Men, or monkeys in the language of the game, go about their lives, not knowing that they are in custody; Do you dare to break the rules of the Primate Observation Club to interact with them and change their lives for better or for worse?

The Madrid studio returns with its sequel, Don’t Feed the Monkeys 2099. Its concept is basically the same, but the present takes a dystopian future setting in which the mega-corporations are, of course, bigger and more powerful. , humans coexist with aliens and robots. But there are certain things which do not change, as they are in our use; The MonkeyVision application that gives access to the lives of these special monkeys has come into our hands. And with it, a new cycle of digital career begins.

Don’t feed the monkeys!

Players of the original will feel right at home with Don’t Feed the Monkeys 2099, which follows a very similar progression. The first change is the futuristic theme, at least in part, because this world has a lot of antiquity. We consider it something positive, because one of the fears of that “2099” is fantasy or cyberpunk flooding the cases of these cages / rooms, when one of the charms of the Monkeys does not feed would discover the secrets apparently ordinary. citizens Yes, there are some wacky creatures, cases with androids, or topics with home automation, but even in these cases. a story mostly channeled with a “realistic” story within the DNFTM universe. We don’t believe that jumping into the future will detract from its charm.

Although it now takes place in an alien future, most of the stories I wish were stories that could have been written in the present day.

Mechanically, 2099 brings us back to the club with some specific rules: inspect the subjects and gradually acquire a certain number of cameras each day to level up. We start with a few, and although not all of them offer something interesting, at least there will be a connection with the action. Each scene follows a certain schedule and, if you click on its image, dialogs are presented, with the possibility of looking at the screen to search for clues or to write keywords. It’s very similar to a point and click game.unless the progress is broad – we are mere spectators – and therefore we hardly end up gathering information in these first moments.

This part of the monkeys is not fed 2099 is easy while we attend to the scene. What has happened? It will not be just one, and many times two or more actions take place at the same time. This is where the application interface joins, with its alerts about the cage movements or the option to “punch” the secondary screen, in case we want to go from one to the other. The multitasking requirement is a bit stressful and the real grace of the game, now the saga, because it deteriorates as the cameras accumulate in the system. It is essential to set priorities and the order infused into the stories, because it is easy not to be able to do everything in the first games.

Search in c*
The quest is easy in one room, but will you be able to arrange several, meet the dead, and stay healthy?

On the one hand, this information is collected by us and helps us to extract more information for the game’s web browser. If we search for one of the collected words or a combination of two words, it will take us to the pages and descriptions in turn. help us pull the rug and find something that serves to understand what is happening in that place or even the identity of the monkey, its personal information and perhaps the way to correspond to it, results in conclusions or journals. At least it will help us to correctly answer the questions that we will periodically receive when the authorities offer a monetary reward.

Certainly, as in the original, this It is complicated by the management part and time requirements. Not only does the hour dictate the movement of these lives and the passage of days, but also our duties They pay rent and three important indicators to never leave your eyes: hunger, sleep and health. In this way, it is convenient to rest for a few hours, but you will have to keep in mind the schedules of your monkeys or you will miss the key scenes, so you can save food and float the economy to pay the wages, buy new cameras or some object online. a grocery store

Of god
Valuable information is always extracted from dialogues and scenarios. With this, we will find emails, names and phone numbers in a computer search.

Old Visillo 2099

All this will be familiar to you as a first-time player. the maximum number of days before you fail or boil. But calm down failure is part of the game, because in the first few attempts you will be overwhelmed by so many good things.

Although it is not malicious as such, although the cameras are random and we will never know exactly what we are going to find, we like to think that with each retry we have extra help, which will be a little easier. us in the next game, which in this case is neither more nor less than knowing how to quickly extract from the cages or the schedules of each monkey. I’m not kidding that we’re easier, but we’re better that mystery which we had already half solved will take us less timeand this allows more attention to other cages.

Feed me
Food that takes away your hunger is not particularly healthy. You have to play with all the parameters so that the story does not end prematurely.

Don’t Feed the Monkeys 2099 will delight fans of the original, because in many ways it’s more of the same, and it’s still a response to the requests of fans who were a little more content from the original. There are a few minor changes here and there, especially the ways to play the game once we’ve done it, peephole mode, relaxing, speeding up time and free because. the real game is not just completing the game, but replaying and seeing more stories. Perhaps we would have liked the game to have developed better everything that revolves around its new setting or some intriguing twists, but this is a criticism that can be made of several sequels on the market. And in the end we talk one of the most original game concepts in years if we accept its predecessor, it is addictive and the right article of difficulty.

The pixel-art graphics look low and sound similar to that of the first DNFTMalthough it has been obtained in detail and now we have all these scenes with lizards, aliens in the psychoanalyst, and a slight interface or to reconstruct our house. In this sense I am a little surprised, but the truth is that the clear image of this visual style suits the camera screen well, especially with the number of screens that we will accumulate. The healthy section again uses environmental effects that are not too annoying, but again it seems to have a little more presence for us.

Analysis of monkeys don't feed 2099, a storyteller simulator

The “pixel-art” has not changed much, but the type of characters and houses have changed due to the new theme.


Although it may not be a good time for indie releases, it is a time with long-awaited titles that will occupy all the conversations and media for weeks, but do not feed Monkeys 2099. It deserves your attention if you missed it more after the first game or are looking to find it now It is not necessary to do the former at all. What’s lost in the horror factor is making up for these wacky stories with a fresh look makes a true narrative of the gamesomething in which Fictiorama Studios continues to show itself as masters.

We performed this analysis on a PC with the code provided by Fictiorama.

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