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Analyzing Lego 2K Drive, the craziest competition with Lego cars

He says that Lego has changed its licensing policy and soon we will see many games inspired by its pieces without the exclusivity of TT games. Lego 2K Drive In was one of the leaked games—there are more than just 2K—and Bring this universe to arcade racing, While games are slowly coming out that try to rival Mario Kart Disney Speedstorm – most recently – Visual Concepts has opted for something a little different and more ambitious: Combine competition with the open worldWhich gave us the combination we talked about in our impressions: a bit of Forza Horizon, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and, naturally, the kart game starring Mario.

These effects, as well as the customization possibilities that cannot be missing in LEGO games, add layers to LEGO 2K Drive so that it can be enjoyed in many ways: through its story mode, through the discovery of personal records, multiplayer The competitiveness of … in addition to online with split screen, cross-play – or to collect and create. Maybe a lot of coveralls don’t squeeze much, but it points to 2K hasn’t settled for the simplest CART formula.

lego crazy cars

The main mode is the story that takes us to different maps or open biomes. We are not talking about one huge interconnected world, but about several maps with freedom of movement and a defined theme in each. The general idea is to progress through a competition by defeating rivals, but this free-roaming approach is filled with side quests, races, mini-games and collectibles, so Normally you wouldn’t just go from point A to point B to participate in one of two dozen racesBut you will be interested to know what each corner has to offer.

Shall we start with the best? The gameplay of LEGO 2K Drive is just as you’d imagine, with successful physics for each type of vehicle and the usual features of this type of game, from the importance of skidding to avoiding obstacles to jumping, turbo and A key Dose strategy A series of power-ups to deal damage to enemies. Although Not as combat focused as other kart titlesUndoubtedly, a good missile in the car in front of us would facilitate victory.

If we refer to “Vehicle Type” it is because Competition takes place on three types of surfaces: Asphalt, earth and water. So we actually have not one car but three that transform to suit each situation. This obviously affects the type of control and braking response, and it is convenient to have the best vehicle of each class ready in our configuration. Here, of course, are all the parts of making a vehicle, whether it’s an official Lego vehicle or whatever comes to mind, and the improvements that apply in each case. Generally there is no one best vehicle, rather we have to choose between top speed and acceleration or its stamina/survival.

This cars and boats editor will delight fans of the toy brand, but don’t worry if you don’t have the patience or the skills, it’s optional and you can play with all the ones you unlock. It is also possible to choose our pilot, although with a lesser degree of customization, and apply improvements, so you can constantly return to the garage to make changes and Try different ideas that help you break records.

Yes, these races are fun in LEGO 2K Drive, and if you want to jump into the action without story mode you can do so solo, split screen, or with online racing. These tracks combine terrain, some traps, and designs that range from the most comfortable to the windiest layouts. The difficulty in the lowest tier is easy enough for any player to get first place in this genre, which makes sense for a game that in theory could be aimed at little ones, a point about that later. in- and makes us think there’s Algn Systema de rubber banding -Adjustment of rivals speed according to our position-.

In short, the gameplay hits the mark and shows that the spirit of Lego Racers is still alive, and this could be the start of a steady driving series. However, in Lego 2K Drive We will not always keep the foot on the accelerator to win the competition.

walk through blockland

The open world idea brings many advantages as in every corner of the zone you will find some sort of collectibles or missions provided by the characters, with the characteristic Lego humor – be attentive to the translation of the names. These secondary tasks sometimes prompt us to pick up someone or pass through certain points within a time limit, and even include mini-games, for example, a series of points on the map. The objective is to defend the chain, destroy multiple objects or save civilians from waves of robot cowboys. It’s a test of sorts for diversity in approachthat not everything goes through official races and in this sense its inclusion is understood.

However, in practice these minigames sometimes don’t go well with the type of vehicle controls. A fast turn is not used during competition except in extremely tight turns, which is useful for these situations, but even with this help, the precision required sometimes makes the minigames more difficult than the championship. , Also, these are not completely optional tests, because Story mode forces us to reach a certain level from time to time Race with rivals to unlock which leads us to scour the map to get that much needed experience. Given that the story isn’t very long at between five and ten hours, they can be a bit overwhelming. They, There’s a lot to do on the maps outside of the main quests, You can complete the story and leave up to 80% more activities to keep the completionists entertained.

On the other hand, the world of Blockland is a joy to explore as the vehicles are fast and you can travel freely on this map, partly thanks to the fact that almost all the decorations are destructible. It’s a shame that the open world has the usual advantages and disadvantages of these games and sometimes strays from what it does really well; Think LEGO 2K Drive’s Story Mode Will be a more global and ambitious adventure than most direct racing games Although we remember, quick game options are available from the initial menu.

We’ve commented on its approach to a younger audience, although all types of players will love it – due to the weight of Lego and its casual tone, but something that makes us recommend that the youngest always remain under supervision : micro transactions and premium currency, These kinds of practices are acceptable in free-to-play games, that’s where the money comes from-, but it’s great and visible to see the option to spend more money to get cars, drivers, and decorations in a full game release. gives. , Perhaps it’s taken with a little reluctance in sports games, but we don’t think the LEGO 2K Drive fits that profile.

the coolest lego

Visual Concepts has created a very happy and colorful world You can judge this by the gameplay in this review – in which almost everything is made of plastic parts. Billboards, billboards, or even other vehicles and their components will be blown up, a very effective effect in both racing and exploring Blocklands. TT Games’ adventures could do with more attention to detail, but overall Lego 2K Drive’s open world is more impressive and performance ran smoothly on the PS5 version we played – barring a few typical Unreal Engine flaws. ,

naturally, it comes with sounds in spanish So that’s not to miss any of its gags and the music, although not always distinct, knows how to accompany cool tunes during free exploration, and become more powerful during competition.


The core of Lego 2K Drive, Driving, is everything we could expect: fun, frantic, allocated, And it is multiplied in multiplayer. The story mode gives these competitions a bit more context and while all the side events don’t stop, we’d like to see the bottle half full; They are an addition to the main competition. More annoying are the microtransactions that are left in a full-priced game, and that is that the money naturally obtained from activities will be insufficient to achieve everything we want.

Overall, this game is a serious and solid 2K bet with the LEGO license that brings a lot of content for single player and multiplayer -, tools to develop creativity and above all, some exciting races Which is what really matters in the end.

We did this analysis on PS5 with the code offered by 2K Spain.

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