Andre Jardin trained Javero Dilrosan using signals

Jardine once again demonstrated his commitment to getting the best out of his players.

America defeated Lyon on matchday 6 of the Clausura 2024, a match that started evenly but that the Azulcrema team quickly knew how to handle, despite the fact that Maintained possession throughout the match It was difficult to open the scoring, but after a mistake by the Fiera defender the referee ordered a penalty and thus the net fell at the Nou Camp.

However, the party Its most influential activities were and one of them was the entry of Javero Dilrosun On the field of play, since it was his debut in Mexican football after a few days of adaptation, the reality was that the Dutch winger He made it clear he’s ready to get more minutes Because in half an hour of play he gave up brilliant plays.

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Before entering the field, Javeiro Azulcrema talking to the coaching staff But the moment that attracted most attention in American banking was when The Dutchman talks to Andre Jardin Since there was an awkward exchange of views between the Águilas strategist and Dilrosun, who it went viral instantly Because it was saved for history.

This is how Jordyn explained to Dilrosan what she should do

Second before entering the field, Jardine gave instructions to Dilrosun But they were quite attractive, because they involved the English language, since the Dutchman still does not speak Spanish, so the allusions to the Brazilian coach were prominent. who told them many things through innocent gestures,

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jardin I told him to focus on the other post, that he would look for Jonathan Rodriguez to lead it And even motivated by patting him on the back and the reality is that it helped, after a few minutes Penalty given after the game between Javero and Cabecita,

Dilrosun is ready to launch from America

Even though he only wore the Azulcrema shirt for 30 minutes, the Dutchman made it clear that he has everything to win the starting position on the right wing, because his qualities are different and certainly Powerful American attack will get extra boost in search of two-time championship,

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