Andrea Legarreta dedicated a special message to a member of Hoy

Andrea Legarreta dedicated a special message to a member of Hoy after leaving the program

This Friday, December 8, strong emotions were experienced during the broadcast of the Hoy Program. While the semi-final of the reality show “The Stars Dance Now took place, one of the couples had to say goodbye; however, the decision of one of them surprised everyone.

And the truth is that the public’s favorite couple, who every week since the start of this reality show got the highest marks from their followers, surprisingly said goodbye to the dance floor. MOREit is given Andrea Legarreta He dedicated a heartfelt message to them.

Just a few hours after the transmission of today’s program This Friday, December 8, Andrea Legarreta shared on his social networks a photo where he can be seen next to Andrea Escalona, Raul Araiza, Paul Stanley, and Agustín Fernández.

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And it is precisely the latter who, through tears, made the decision to leave the competition The Dance of the Stars on Hello (LEBEH), because it took a lot of work for the young Argentine to say goodbye to that project that brought him back to the public exhibition, and in addition, he met those who are now and will be good friends.

Because of the above and the courage and friendship shown by the Argentine, Andrea Legarreta She dedicated a heartfelt message to the handsome, blue-eyed man, whom she recognized as a great man.

“And we love you!! The decision you made to give your place to other couples is undoubtedly an act of LOVE, HUMILITY and COURAGE!!! You are a BIG and GREAT person!! Always sweet, polite, fun and without a doubt you have done and grown a lot in dance! And this decision made you even more proud!!…” Andrea Legarreta’s Instagram message said

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Because of the words of Legarreta, also a former participant in “Warriors 2020,” he thanked his colleagues for their support and made it clear that the decision to leave was not easy.

Why did Agustín leave LEBE?

It’s next December 15 when the finalist couple meet for the last time on the track in “MORE,” and once and for all, we will know who will be the winners of this new era where moments of great tension are experienced.

However, Agustin Fernandez and Black Isabel They will no longer appear in the grand final because the Argentine and his partner made the decision not to continue until the end, despite the fact that the public every week gave them 3 extra points (the highest score) because they got the highest number of votes.

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And according to Agustin, he is no longer on the same level as his other classmates, who have already proven themselves to be great dancers, so it is unfair for him to continue in the competition, and one of the couples will leave as undeserving.

Because of this, couples who come to end child: There’s Emilia and Luis Arturo; Dania and Marco Leon; Tefi Valenzuela and Juan Angel Esparza; Brigitte and Strength; Daniel Parra and Rafa Nieves.