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Andres Ceballos (divisio): “I had to go to therapy to take the step to start my solo career”

    Usually the decisions that are going to change our lives give vertigo, that’s what it feels like Andres Ceballos when he decided to take a break with 14 years as leader of DVICIO, in which he was part of the musical band, to start a solo career., He admits that making the decision wasn’t easy – “There’s so much going on, that’s the answer I was born to answer” – but that managing things calmly and listening to myself has kept him at peace and coming. Excited about the times ahead.

    one of them has been Be a part of Amazon’s “A Micro Abierto” initiative with FAD Foundation to educate and raise awareness about mental health issues faced by youth, We spoke with him about his new professional platform, sports and mental health.

    How did you get the offer to be a part of Amazon’s “A Micro Abierto” initiative in association with FAD Foundation?

    I received it through my work team and I’ve already had a smile on my face since it arrived. It’s been one of the most beautiful initiatives I’ve been a part of, being able to communicate directly with people who are also concerned about the world of mental health and who are ready to do their bit just like me. and help that awareness of emotional care is high.

    How do you think mental health is dealt with today? Are we learning to do it right?

    I think it’s something we all deal with. In my case, my goal is to have more tools, to be more open to being able to talk about how one feels without the need for taboo or stigma and, above all, to have the knowledge that someone is bad. Why can you feel Dare to look deep and learn to know what goes on inside of us so that we can remedy it.

    Lorenzo Duran

    Do you feel that going to a psychologist or going to therapy is still a bit taboo?

    Yes, but I’m an optimist and I think the taboo is looming large. It’s everyone’s job to talk about it because taboos are broken by talking and not made, so when the awareness comes that something is taboo and shouldn’t be, I immediately assume that It is part of everyone’s responsibility. To be able to talk about going to therapy, I’m not overjoyed. It is still taboo, but I repeat that I feel optimistic that in 5 years from now we will have a healthier approach to this.

    You are facing a new phase with your solo music career, how was it to take this step?

    Very intriguing, this is the answer I was born to answer. I’ve had to do a lot of work on my feelings in therapy to understand myself, to have the faith in myself to take this step and to listen to myself because I knew inside of me there was a decision I had to make but Sadness is usually all the time it takes for a person to muster up the courage and make the decision you know you must make.

    It has been very difficult but I am very much at peace with the way I have managed it and also very happy for everything that is to come. Also be grateful, which I think is the key: stay mentally in gratitude and not in resentment, hatred or anger.

    Andres Ceballos

    Lorenzo Duran

    How have you managed fame through the years? Do you need professional help?

    I’ve always considered my degree of fame very progressive, I’ve never really felt overwhelmed but I needed professional help and I continue to work on it by going to therapy every week. Also, my therapist is Mexican and we connect by video call once a week, we review and work on the issues that I find to be weak. But beyond that I also work a day job, write everyday and sometimes start writing songs from there. Over the years I feel that I have improved a lot in my emotional intelligence to express what I feel at all times and to have the courage not to remain silent when it is not appropriate. It has given me strength.

    Do you play any sport? do you go to the gym

    In recent years I have realized that if I do not practice a sport I become quite a dark creature and that sport gives me light, strength, determination, strength… So for some time now I have been working with Miguel Lordan. I’ve been training almost weekly, and I say almost because there are days when I’m so busy with work… but still, I work out at home, do a lot of push-ups and stretches Am. And I also try to meditate at least once a week, I ride a bike, I play paddle tennis… I don’t go to the gym because I don’t like it at all.

    What does Andres do to keep his feet on the ground?

    In this aspect, I think it is important to do the things you are not good at. The important thing is self-knowledge and everything starts from there. For example, playing soccer is terrible for me, and my dad is from Argentina and my mom is from Brazil, but a few days ago I went to play and it’s a way to not live in a bubble of what I’m learning To overcome the fear of failure, of falling and getting up. I also like talking to people on the street, I talk to everyone and I try to learn and listen, although sometimes it’s hard for me because I’m a little scattered and I work on it.

    If you had the opportunity to shout something “open mic”, what would it be?

    I’ll shout… it’s hard (laughs), but I’ll shout “it’s okay to feel the way you feel” to the person who might be wrong inside but smiles to pretend they’re okay .

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