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Andrew ‘can’t sweat’ but if he could then Lynx would work through 3rd compartment of Africa

I wonder if Prince Andrew still can’t sweat?

This may give them some relief for the time being.


Prince Andrew tells Emily Maitlis he can’t sweat during his Newsnight interviewcredits: PA

Because some other lynx would be working their way through three cans of Africa, the sack of meat with mittens if they were facing up.

One of the most senior members of our royal family is facing an underage sex case in a US court this September. cute, huh?

Specially for HM The Queen in her Platinum Jubilee year. Rather surprisingly, Liz is still a soldier at the age of 95.

How does she want the last five years to be erased from history, as disaster after disaster has struck her family and the institution of the monarchy.

It’s bad enough for those greedy, brainless, privileged airheads Harry and Meghan to attack the royal family every few minutes. And sneezing incessantly.

But now her son – her favorite son, supposedly – ​​has to wash all her dirty laundry in public. And then spin-dry in front of a gleeful media.

His rather serious attempts to get the civil case against him out of Virginia Giuffre have failed.

Even a block of wood like Andrew should have known that it was highly likely.

Although he appears to be a man of such incredible arrogance and density that it probably never happened to him.

Giuffre claims that Andrew slept with her three times, and that she was forced to have sex with him when she was 17 and hang out with pedophiles Jeffrey Epstein and the terrifying Ghislaine Maxwell.

Andrew was Epstein’s friend. He remained a friend even after Epstein’s horrific sex crimes were exposed. Neither of these would look great in front of the court.

So now he has a choice. He may try to settle out of court. Giuffre’s lawyers say he will not be bought in this way.

But we will see about it. Money talks and I doubt it will speak to Ms. Giuffre – who is not the most credible of the witnesses.

But if he compromises, it will cost him upwards of four million quid. The fool is strapped for cash. He probably has to take the blame from his mother.

beyond the dark

One way or another there will be public money involved somewhere along this line.
There will be fury if Andrew is seen paying his accuser with taxpayer money.

But what if he doesn’t compromise? This will be the court case of the century. Either way, the situation looks beyond hopeless for Andy.

If the case goes against him, it could mean that he will face criminal charges. Yes, things just keep getting worse and worse.

In any case, it is the end of Prince Andrew as an executive member of the royal family.

He will spend his days in the Twilight Zone where he drives away the infamous royals.

Because even if he wins against Giuffre, the case will still mean TMI as far as Andrew is concerned – too much information. Andrew is no big loss to us.

But the Royal Family seems to be falling apart fast. I wonder if five years from now we will still have a monarchy.

BBC in a sorry state

What has happened to the many vibrant anti-Semitists recently expelled from the Labor Party?

Evidence is mounting that he has joined another rapidly falling far-left organisation, the BBC.

The corporation has still failed to apologize for a news report in which it made a completely false claim that Jewish teenagers who were attacked by Muslims on the bus instigated the incident by shouting “Muslim abuses”.

Various investigations have proved that he did nothing of the sort.

The uproar led to demonstrations outside the broadcasting house and a prominent Jewish broadcaster, Rabbi Y.Y. Rubinstein, resigned from the corporation in disgust.

A legal complaint has been brought but the BBC states: “We will not be able to pursue your legal complaint until you have identified your client.”

An attempt to intimidate the children into leaving their grievances and forgetting all about it, is assumed.

no way back

Has there ever been a greater disappointment than Boris Johnson as a prime minister?

Hell, expectations weren’t high with Theresa May and John Major.

Of course James Callaghan was quite disappointed. But he didn’t have the majority of Boris Johnson to play for.

This is a lie that will remain with the general public. Perpetual, relentless, lying. He tells lies without thinking, without thinking.

There is no way left for him now.

full of hot air

It was the very kind of energy company Ovo that taught people how to keep warm without using a lot of expensive gas.

Jump some stars, customers were advised. Maybe put a jumper.

Both great ideas. But how about converting the folks in the Ovo PR department to longer-lasting synthetic fuel logs?

It’ll keep us all warm for a while.

Yawning to reach the boring new depths of tennis

I have often wondered whether there is anything more boring than tennis.

Now I know that there is. Wondering if a tennis player has filled out their visa form correctly, it’s even more boring than tennis.

Djokovic's dingbat therapeutic ideas fall short of Prince Charles's


Djokovic’s dingbat therapeutic ideas fall short of Prince Charles’scredit: AFP

But what a setback for anti-vaxxers as a poster boy – Novak Djokovic.

His dingbat medical ideas are weaker than those held by Prince Charles.

Anyway, while we’re on the topic of tennis – I wonder if the lovely Emma Radukanu will ever win another match?

Still a lie, yizza

Scientists knew that Kovid had leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China.

But he deliberately shut down the debate.

He feared it would harm the international effort to fight the pandemic. and create divisions.

This is all made clear in a series of emails between sage expert Sir Jeremy Farrar and his American colleagues.

Farrar admitted privately that the virus probably leaked from a Chinese lab.

But publicly he denounced this notion as a “conspiracy theory”.

Refusing to tell the truth is never good, Jeza.

No matter how good the intention of a lie is, it is still a lie.

wok bbc

A senior BBC official is telling lawmakers that Auntie is not in favor of a “cancellation culture”.

He said the transgender lobby will not get its way.

David Jordan owns the BBC’s ethics and editorial policy – and he’s a good person overall.

But he’s fighting a losing battle in a corporation that wakes up at three in the morning compared to a newborn

a major in the election

A neat piece of niche campaigning from South Korea.

Democratic presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung says the state should pay for hair loss treatment.

Lee himself isn’t bald—in fact he has a fabulous quiff—but 14 percent of Korean men are losing their hair.

And they all have votes, those people.

It reminds me of a West Country Conservative MP in the 1980s, whose name sadly escapes me, who on the eve of the election demanded lower telephone fees for people who stuttered.

Prince Andrew to face court battle with accuser Virginia Roberts as judge rules rape trial will go ahead

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