Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Android takes privacy seriously: it will allow any app to delete system and data

Note that the app developers will have to delete the account and app data from the app itself. It’s something that all apps on the Google Play Store must comply with, but it won’t be immediate, and will be implemented much later.

Google continues to implement various measures in the Google Play Store for the benefit of users and this is a good example, in addition to some features, such as the measure that prohibits the installation of old apps from the Google Play Store. among others

In this case, any app you can download for Android from the Google Play Store should have an option to allow you to delete your account and other data. This happens in many cases when you need to create a more specific account.

And here is the key to everything, any app in which you need to create an account, you need to delete that option, and the data generated. So Android wants to go one step further in protecting the privacy of users even more.

It is easy to understand, the app must have this option and when the user uses it, it will send a request to delete the data that needs to be executed, but it cannot be done, although it will only have a place in it. in certain cases which we now explain.

It is possible that some apps need to keep some data for legitimate reasons, if so, the app should also indicate which specific data are not deleted and why so, asking the end user to understand the reason why they were. is preserved.

It can also happen that some people don’t want to delete all their data, and this is also the case that, if it were the case, what happened is that the user is allowed to choose to keep that data and delete some. certain information that he chooses.

This will not be an imminent change that app developers must comply with immediately, initially they have a period of several months (until December 7, 2023) to send questions or suggestions about this new possibility.

It will be in 2024, when a new option will begin to appear in different apps that you download from the Google Play Store, that is you will have an option that allows you to delete the account and data associated with the app. to be generated, an update to the Google Play Store will be necessary to have this message.

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