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Andy Montenez opens the doors to his “Place of Peace”

luquillo – In a very distant image of the iconic street of the Trastleres community in Santuras, we find the singer andy montenezo.

Sitting in a blue and cream armchair, with wooden doors open and in the midst of the freshness of nature and serenity that one breathes while living near the “skirts” of the El Yunque National Forest, the singer received El Nuevo día at her home. located on the base hacienda karabelik.

The sound of “Almost I envy you” opened the doors of his beautiful country residence, to show where he found peace during the confinement caused by the pandemic and the paralysis of the entertainment industry, in the face of a health crisis.

An Andy in his speech more slowly, but just as enthusiastic and jovial, jumped out of the seat to hug us and let us know that in times of pandemic, he continues to hug and kiss people, because If he stopped doing this, he would cancel himself.

Andy can’t deny himself his essence, being that friend whose company everyone enjoys, whether from a stage, Watusi Corner or, in this case, near the stables. Thus, it is precisely that he wants to be remembered when he is not on the earthly plane, as that unconditional friend who thoroughly enjoyed music and who loved his country dearly.

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“I want me to be remembered as everyone’s friend. As an acquaintance of mine said ‘Puerto Rico kissing machine’. I want to kiss, hug, squeeze and even if Like in the pandemic they tell you you can’t do this, I’ll keep doing this because that’s my way of being. If I weren’t a singer, I’d love to be a lawyer, but only to defend those people. For those who have no possibilities and the despised, who have no money, “say the Eternal” child of the trestlerace.

More than 20 years ago, Singer acquired a piece of land in the area that stands for the stables within the residences.

In the past, Sonero had horses, but no longer. In the same way he keeps the stables in the backyard of his house. It was his brother Eduardo who built the residence in cement and wood. The construction was not immediate, it was done in phases. It is a very solid residence and Hurricane Maria did not damage the structure.

Andy Montenez’s residence.

The country residence was always his refuge to slow down. Both he and his family used to visit him regularly. Driven by the global health crisis and pandemic, Andy and his wife Shiomara Akuna He decided to completely move to the country last year in search of a more comfortable and quiet place to spend his days in captivity.

“This pandemic has not been easy, but thanks to my wife who has supported me in everything, I have never felt so far away in captivity. The other is my mother, those two women are my pillars and one looks at El Yunque so closely from this courtyard… well I have found peace”, confirms the artist as he walks through one of the balconies where his three dogs live.

La Casa del Salcero is akin to a museum, full of memorabilia, paintings, recognitions, serigraphs, sculptures, photographs, instruments and our monostella that detail the artistic trajectory of more than six decades.

His two homelands: first, his beloved Puerto Rico, and second by adoption, Venezuela, are also present in many items in the home.

His wife, who is from Venezuela, is the one who made every detail in the residence stand out. She remembers the names and specific moments when each artwork was gifted to the artist. The presence of Andy’s entire family is clearly visible on the walls and corners of the house. In particular, his experiences with his late father Andrés Montaez, which brought him closer to Bohemia and Bolero, which he prefers to interpret. His father’s guitar is located in one corner of the room, hiss in the other. Both guitars are one of the singer’s great treasures.

Andy Montenez's home.
Andy Montenez’s home.

Most of the things that adorn the space are gifts from fans and friends who respond to his artistic greatness and call him one of Puerto Rico’s beloved.

Do you know how much people love you? El Nuevo Día asks.

“I don’t know… I know that people love me and they express it to me in many ways. Somebody goes for a walk and meets young people who haven’t always followed you in music and love you so much Hugs from Without it he would not be active in music.

Andy started singing at a very young age thanks to his mother, Selina Rodriguez, who is now 101 years old, who took him to the WKAQ radio theater to participate in a competition organized by Rafael Quinones Vidal.

The singer correctly remembers the route his mother took to reach the radio station in San Juan. He reviews it and says with a smile: “What I am, what I have been able to do as an artist, I give credit to my mother. It was all for him. He is the person whom I admire the most in this world. This is my inspiration ”, mentions the artist who is the eldest of Dona Selina’s 18 children.

He tells his mother that even though he moved to the countryside of Luquillo, a visit to his home in the Santurcina community is essential. Donna Selina is not alone. The artist always has some brothers with him who help him around the house.

“Mami is clean and will be front row at concerts as always. She’s my hardcore number”, emphasizes the sound of “One Summer in New York”.

Concerts at the Center for Fine Arts

Singer mentions his return to the stage The following Sunday, October 3, at 6:00 p.m. in Centaurus, Louis A. At the Antonio Paoli Festival Hall of the Ferre Fine Arts Center. The artist will present the concert “El Nio de Trastelares” in which he will review his artistic career from his time in El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico through to the development of Dimension Latina and his orchestra in the present.

Andy welcomes the reopening of cinemas and arenas on the island, as long as necessary measures are taken to prevent further infections. Understand that all productions on the island have established excellent protocols.

“People are eager to dance and sing again. I am sure we are going to come out of this once the right measures are taken, the show will go on. I am crazy to sing with my people, in my motherland. That’s it. Like, Colombia is one of the markets that call us the most. Young people get to salsa music and consume it more than other genres. That’s why they love us so much. In my case let me admit it Will that I have always felt love in my country and elsewhere”, confirms the winner of the Grammy for Musical Excellence.

The concert at the Centro de Bellas Artes is very special for the artist who makes sure that he is in great health.

The voice of “The White Sheets” wants to “have a good meeting with the musicians and with our people, after all this time it’s been so hard.”

The show will also have a moment to connect with and honor the life of her son Andesito, who died in July 2019 at a residence in Trastleres, Santur’s. Since then, every time Andy takes to the stage he defends his place in the orchestra.

Salcero places a portrait of his son in front of the microphone and sets aside the space that was held by Andesito in the orchestra. The pain of the surprise death of her first child lurks in Sonero’s life and makes his eyes water when he talks about his son. Still, Andy tries to remember the best moments he spent as a family with all his children Harold, Liza, Andesito, Alfredo and Andrea.

He will always be with me. i always feel it“, it says.

From his time at the so-called “Universidad de la Salsa”, Andy only has words of thanks to the founder. Puerto Rico’s great combo, Rafael Ethier.

Seeing him on stage at the age of 95, as he did at the Coca-Cola Music Hall two weeks ago, makes him proud of his admiration for her.

“Rafa was my support. He took my hand and always supported me. We are comrades. He is Liza’s godfather and I will always be grateful to Rafa”, reveals the artist who describes his former teammates from “Multos del Gusto” as “my brothers”.

He has a close relationship with Charlie Aponte from that salsa clan. In the same way, he maintains friendship with ismail miranda To whom he wishes a speedy recovery that allows him to reconnect his voices on stage, as he had done in the past with the productions of “Romanticos de Ciempre” and “Eternos Enamorados”.

Before the pandemic, Ismail and Andy were preparing to attend a show, but a health accident from “The Pretty Boy in Salsa” halted the performance. Ismail recovers after stroke.

El Nuevo asks Día what do you have to accomplish?

“A Bolero project sung by Ismail Rivera. Ismail We have always recognized him as Salcero and Rumbero. But there are so many Boleros that Ismail has sung that I would love to voice again. I have in mind and with a pianist it can be done. Boleros sung by Ismail, I will say it only”.

Have you ever thought about retirement?

“No o. So? Look at Quick Luca (he died at the age of 103)”.

I mean, would you like to stick with your shoes till the end?

“With shoes or flip-flops… (laughs out loud). Not that I always want to be on stage, but when I get a chance to do it, I’ll do it.”


Andy Montenez opens the doors to his "Place of Peace"
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