Andy Rivera enjoyed Karol G's concert in Mexico

Andy Rivera enjoyed Karol G's concert in Mexico

singer andy rivera He told his millions of fans how much he enjoyed the singer's first concert Karol ji on his tour of Latin America 'Tomorrow will be beautiful'who gave birth to Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.

Through your stories on your account InstagramWhere she has more than 6 million followers, she was very happy enjoying very close to the stage of the Bichota show in a very urban outfit.

Andy Rivera was happy at Karol G concert

First he recorded himself in selfie mode while enjoying the song titled 'Carolina' And then show the performance part of the money while she presented the songs 'Tusa' and 'bitterness'.

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It should be noted that the artist had already enjoyed this show of the singer in the city of Medellín when it was presented last December; However, the singer wanted to again enjoy the successful songs of his colleague with whom he had collaborated years ago on his song 'Manana' which has received over 115 million views on YouTube.

In the recording he did not show who was with him or whether he decided to go to the concert alone, but the truth is that it showed how much he enjoyed every moment of the show.

At the moment, the artist continues to work on new music and his mental and physical health improvement, which shows how well the process is going.

“When I connect my mind, my spirit and my body I feel I can reach new levels, not only professionally but also emotionally and spiritually. “I feel new strength, new vision and new desire to do everything,” he said recently.

Meanwhile, her fans have flooded her with messages of encouragement and support throughout this difficult process, with Karol G even publicly expressing her love for him so that he can achieve everything he wants this year. Can do whatever they want to do.

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For her part, Karol G remains unstoppable, as a few days ago she managed to receive the prestigious Anglo Grammy for 'Best Urban Music Album' and was declared 'Woman of the Year' by Billboard.

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