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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Angry people burnt American flags, increased security outside government buildings

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Some people have burnt American flags outside the Collardo State Capitol Building in Denver, located in the US state of Colorado. This happened when the swearing-in ceremony of the new President Joe Biden was going on in Washington DC on Wednesday. Giving information about the matter, the Public Information Officer said that he does not know yet whether anyone has been arrested. But it is believed that 40 to 50 protesters were present when the American flag was being burnt. Since the incident, security arrangements in Denver have been tightened and security outside government buildings has also been increased.

The FBI had informed that armed demonstrations could take place in ‘all 50 states’ during the swearing-in ceremony. Earlier on January 6, rioters had violently entered the building of the US Parliament i.e. Capitol Hill. Five people including a policeman were killed in this violence. This crowd of people has been described as a Trump supporter. Taking the Trump as the only responsible for this violence, the Democratite Party had brought impeachment motion against him. The incident happened at the time where the electoral college votes were being counted here.

Performed in the afternoon

Collardo’s police say that the protesters started burning the flags around 12.45 pm local time. This continued for 15 minutes. At the time when the protesters were doing all this, the media was also present there. Many videos and photos related to this incident are becoming viral on social media at this time. Very strict security arrangements were made in Washington DC during the swearing-in. About 25 thousand soldiers were deployed here to avoid any kind of violence.

Why is Trump considered responsible?

Since the Capitol violence, there were fears that Trump supporters might once again stage violent protests. When elections were held in the US in November, Trump had said that he was going to win on the day of the election. But when he lost in the election, he continuously tweeted and alleged that the elections were rigged. According to a report, about a week before the Capitol violence, Trump also addressed his supporters to ‘march to the Capitol’. After this people really reached here as well.

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