Another Nicaraguan migrant dies in a traffic accident in the USA

Another Nicaraguan migrant dies in a traffic accident in the USA.

The death toll of Nicaraguans in the United States continues to rise. The organization Texas Nicaraguan Community (TNC) reported through its social networks the death of 21-year-old Nicaraguan Geovanny Ezequiel Blanco Rodríguez.

The young Nicaraguan died on September 21 in a traffic accident in Columbia, Missouri, USA.

According to local media reports, crash investigators said the young man was driving north on Highway 63 in a 2006 Mazda Tribute when the vehicle lost control, entered the fast lane and crossed the southbound lane before overturning.

Local police also stated that the three people who were in the vehicle were ejected from the car as none of them were wearing seatbelts at the time of the accident.

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According to local police, two people died in the traffic accident, Nicaraguan Geovanny Ezequiel Blanco and another citizen named Abran Ramirex Morales, 27 years old.

U.S. authorities also mentioned that the vehicle’s third occupant, whom they did not identify, was in a coma at a local hospital.

Family urgently needs financial help

The family of Geovanny Ezequiel Blanco Rodríguez is asking TNC for help in repatriating the body and giving it a Christian burial. Through the GoFoundMe platform, an aunt of the young man, identified only as Vanessa, is promoting a $15,000 fundraising effort to pay for the transfer.

“We are asking for support to be able to send him to Nicaragua where he can have his funeral service with all his family members. If you are willing to support us, all my relatives would be happy with all my heart. Any support, even minimal, will be a great help,” reads part of the message shared in the collection.

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People who would like to assist Blanco Rodríguez’s family with funeral and repatriation costs can visit this link and leave their donation.

At least 17 Nicaraguan migrants have died in the United States so far in September, according to a count conducted by LA PRENSA. The main causes of death are traffic accidents and health problems. In August, 20 compatriots died on North American soil.


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