Antonella Roccuzzo, Cande Tinelli and Emilia Mearns in Pure Neon

Antonella Roccuzzo, Cande Tinelli and Emilia Mearns in Pure Neon

No doubt: Neon colors are one of the fashion trends Most popular and last time thoughts. Famous condition for wearing it Beat in all kinds organizations: to appear in day, night, gala, urban teams and even on television. this time they were Cande Tinelli, Emilia Mernes You antonella roccuzzo las it girls Who showed this fashion rage and thousands and thousands Likes on their respective Instagram accounts.

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Cande Tinelli stuns in her black and neon look

from backstage of the new program of thirteen, candelaria tinelli She was photographed with a wardrobe that was a trend. In Style, she wore a total outfit black of Front printed shirt, satin corset, and eco leather pants, However, what grabbed the attention of the entire style the most was its sleeve: an XXL design that was created in neon yellow tulle,

Candelaria Tinelli dressed in black and added neon yellow sleeves for her father's event.  (Photo: Instagram/@candelariatinelli).
Candelaria Tinelli dressed in black and added neon yellow sleeves for her father’s event. (Photo: Instagram/@candelariatinelli).

As If That Wasn’t Enough, Joining One of the Latest Trends beautyaffect it his joint See with her makeup and wore a design based on mega yellow shadow shocking which he complemented with a classic style outline cat eye In jet black.

Emilia Mernes with neon minibags

The singer is one of the fashionistas of the moment in the network and embodies all the fashion fads. Walking the streets of Barcelona, ​​he took a selfie with Draft Portfolio Baguette – a model style vintage who always adds to looks like– in color neon green and embellished with washers and studs,

Her wardrobe with a high-impact accessory is her mark: A fan of the 2000s wave, she combined a White artwork fitted black T-shirt with matching pleated mini skirtschoolgirl style.

Emilia Mearns paired Cartera neon with a total black look.  (Photo: Instagram / @emiliamarnes)
Emilia Mernes paired her neon bag with a total black look. (Photo: Instagram/@emiliamernes)

Antonela Roccuzzo also chooses neon green

antonella roccuzzo This is not an out of fashion phenomenon and has shown not one but two recently looks like Thief neon sandals, to celebrate the birthday of Leo Massey In Ibiza, he wore a pair of Green sandals with high stiletto heels, two thin front straps and anklets included, he combined it with a group total white Top and long skirt with slits.

Antonella Roccuzzo if De Blanco with Anas Sandalias Neon is to be seen.  (Photo: Instagram/@antonellarocuzzo).
Antonela Roccuzzo dressed in white with neon sandals. (Photo: Instagram/@antonelaroccuzo).

then he showed up with another See Same as the previous one with a pair of sandals, Same color but with XL platform, patent leather effect and a gold hanging decoration, This time, he took them with a black and white top and skirt set balmain,

Antonella Roccuzzo, fanatic of Sandalias Neon.  (Photo: Instagram/@antonellarocuzzo).
Antonella Roccuzzo, a fan of neon sandals. (Photo: Instagram/@antonelaroccuzo).

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