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Antonio Angles is searching and capturing the 25th anniversary of the conviction in the Alcosar girls case

what is the whereabouts of Antonio English, No doubt, this is the biggest unknown surrounding the arbitral case of the Alcosar girls three decades after the perpetrator of the crime fled, leaving behind a confused and indecent trail. Now, when 25 years have passed since Miguel Ricart’s sentence—only one has been convicted—the inquisition proceeds only on one front: to demonstrate the involvement of one of Europe’s most wanted fugitives.

In 1997, the provincial court of Valencia sentenced him to 170 years in prison. Michael Ricarte For the kidnapping, rape and murder of Miriam, Tony and Desiree, the three girls from Alcosar whose case shook the entire nation for years in a media landscape that has led the Spanish Black Chronicle of recent times.

Confirmed by the Supreme Court two years later, the conviction proved that the minors were abducted on November 13, 1992, by Ricart and another man, identified as Antonio Engels, who brought them to the Valencian town of Taus. where their lifeless bodies were finally found in January 1993.

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Despite the fact that Engels’s accomplice was convicted and the judicial inquiry was resolved under the responsibility of the Inquiry Court number six of Algera, a piece relating to the location of Antonio Engels is still uncovered. The strengths of the order are clear: Till his death is proved, he will be searched every day.,

In fact, the Spanish-Brazilian criminal continues to appear in the Most Wanted People database. Interpol, a police agency that last updated its file last July after turning 56. In it, he details that this is a man who has several tattoos on his body, such as a skeleton with a scythe on his right arm, “Mother’s Love” on the left, as well as a Chinese woman under a canopy on her forearm. are dressed. In addition, he describes a sebaceous cyst in his throat on walnuts, his intake rohypnolo For his drug addiction and distrustful nature.

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For his part, Miguel Ricart, also known as ‘El Rubio’, was released from the Herrera de la Mancha prison in Ciudad Real on November 29, 2013, after 21 years in prison, on application. Thanks for the much less punishment as a result. parrot theory, However, the then Secretary General of the Penitentiary Institutions, ngel Eusté, clarified that the ex-convict did not present a “favorable prognosis for reunification”. Last year, he was also found in a squat at Carbunchell when he clearly intended to buy drugs.

find new evidence

During the past years, investigators’ investigations have focused on the search for conclusive evidence of their involvement to perpetuate the current charges before the year 2029, when Engels will be incapacitated for the rape and murders of three girls.

Alcsser. Archive image of three girls


To this end, various DNA amplification techniques have been provided for finding genetic marks in some of the scenarios studied thirty years ago, with differences in use new technologies To find matches. Thus, in recent months he has proceeded to analyze the hair and forensic remains of the vehicles of the two involved, as well as the underwear of the minors and the carpet in which they were wrapped after their torture and death.

Currently, forensic experts have obtained court approval to re-analyze the sheet covering the mattress where the young women slept during their abduction, as well as a sample of upholstery from Rickart’s car, a variety of clothing items. accessories and even a piece of wood. from the stand. On the other hand, the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences will compare hair samples found at crime sites with those of all the suspects involved.

Robot portrait of a movie survivor

According to the material author’s history of the triple crime of Alcoser, the police attribute the charges to “kidnapping, rape, murder, body burial and illegal possession of weapons”. Last November, Europol again requested citizen support in the ‘Old Continent’ to find angles through an outreach campaign with her updated profile.

Antonio Engels file image has already been updated by Europol to what it might be in its current form


In fact, directing the investigation, the magistrate sent a report prepared by the Lakshmi Association to the National Police, in which a old robot portrait Of the runaway, showing what it might look like today. Photographic entertainment is based on a linear aging pattern, although its creators clarified that, apparently, they did not have a large amount of information to achieve this, such as the kind of life the individual has lived in recent decades. Is.

During their flight, the official version shows that the Angles removed various police enclosures in the various municipalities of Valencia and Castilla-La Mancha to reach the port of Lisbon. There, he met the merchant city ​​of plymouth Joe was traveling to Liverpool until the crew discovered him and locked him in a cabin until officers arrived.

Late at night, he managed to escape via a lifeboat, but this time was re-located at sea by a French aircraft, which returned him to sea transport. already standing DublinIrish police did not find any trace of the fugitive and since then, it is not known where Antonio Angles is or on the other hand, he is still alive.

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