Antonio R. Naranjo | 1,134 immigrants at the door of the house


Only 30 meters from my house, next to the playground, university school and sports area, the Spanish Government has built a camp to receive 1,134 immigrants from the Canary Islands.

The center is inside the Parachute Brigade and was built, hastily, with a system of fourteen tents with a capacity for ninety people, who can sleep and eat in the facilities, without any obvious activity or, of course, any limitation of movement. They can come and go at their own will, with only one rule: if they don’t return to their humble inn before ten at night, the entrance is closed.

It is not difficult to imagine the mixture of hope, fear and confusion that they feel: in a few weeks they leave their countries, whatever they are, they cross a few miles of the Atlantic in a mother ship or a cayuco . , they remain living on an unknown island and Now, after a long controlled flight, they have arrived at a less familiar peninsular destination, such as Alcalá de Henares, without a clear plan that could not hide the Castilian cold and fill their bellies. with hot food.

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Alcalá is a city built with immigration, first the Spanish of Andalusians, Extremadurans, Galicians or Aragonese who came to the Community of Madrid looking for work in any of the major industries that have developed since the 60s and are now a sad memory. And then the Romanians, Poles or Bulgarians, who came in the 90s with the same goal: each of them settled, rooted, had families and built a different community full of different languages ​​and accents that are already familiar in the origin of Complutense. or adoption..

This time, however, the alarm went off, and rightly so. Even considering that most of the new neighbors come with the same goals as their predecessors, is it easy to trust that everything will be perfect.

Because they don’t have papers or work permits, no one might know what country they come from, they lack the resources to cover their inevitable needs and they have a lot of free time and few tools. to fill it with something useful for themselves.

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Many will disappear as soon as they are settled, for fear of being returned, some will try to work in any and under any conditions, others will stay in the facilities and the last will probably find the best they can, with respect to the rules that a percentage of any group feels in some bad circumstances.

It does not make much sense to charter flights to the peninsula instead of returning to their places of origin if, at the same time, they do not offer something more than a bed and a bowl of soup: the people’s needs do not set and if the Government is not able to solve it, it has no right to impose it on anyone who has less capacity and knowledge.

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It’s not about making fun of anyone, but about understanding that circumstances make man if man can’t make his own circumstances: cramming hundreds of people into a corner of the barracks, without decent planning, only serves to wake up ghosts, to pay for each other. suspicion, to overcome the capacity of a City Council and, above all, to use in vain the hopes of people of flesh and blood, with dreams and nightmares, in search of a non-existent Arcadia.

I hope that everything will be good for the visitors and countrymen, but it is not because of the hard work and good feelings of a negligent Government, but because of the joint effort between the natives and foreigners to find a way together and unite. despite the demagoguery, indifference and bad faith of the authorities who do not understand the difference between their soflames and real life.