Ants saved the life of a woman who fell from a height of 14500 feet


The risk of dying from a fall from a height of 48 feet is usually 50%. But mortality increases by 100 percent when falling from a height of 80 feet or more. Today we will tell you about a woman who survived even after falling from a height of 14,500 feet. Ants became angels to save the life of former American skydiver Joan Merriam. And saved his life, let’s see how it happened.

don’t know what happened

78-year-old Joan Murray is famous for skydiving. He survived even falling from a height of thousands of feet because the parachute did not open. This accident happened on 25 September 1999 when Joan’s parachute did not open, so she fell from a height of 4,400 meters (14,500 ft), but due to her luck she still survived.

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However, even after this terrible accident, he did not stop in his path and returned to skydiving again after two years. He is an inspiration to many people. Joan is a banker, but she also enjoys skydiving. He jumped from that height 35 times, but his 36th jump in Chester County, North Carolina, ended in danger when his main parachute failed to open. But Joan patiently opened the reserve parachute.

Falling too fast

Unfortunately, Joan began to fall at a speed of 80 miles per hour because the reserve parachute failed to support her. But fate has something else in store. Despite falling from such a height, Joan miraculously survived. But he had to undergo several surgeries to treat the severe injuries. He was in a coma for two weeks.

How did Joan survive?

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Now you might be wondering how a person survives after falling from such a height. In fact, Joan fell into an ant. He felt guilty at that time. He was breathing hard, but he couldn’t move his body. During this time he was bitten by ants more than two hundred times. The doctors said that the stings of the ants saved him. According to the doctors, Joan’s heart stopped beating because of the poisonous stings of the ants. Then he was immediately taken to the hospital.