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Friday, February 26, 2021

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Vanraj’s melted heart after watching Anupama’s makeover, see photos

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Mumbai: Star Plus’ most popular show Anupama leads the list of TRPs. The popularity of this show is increasing every day. Fans are quite surprised to see Anupama’s stand for herself. In the last episode, it is shown that Vanraj celebrates his birthday with his family members. This thing is known to Kavya. Kavya is surprised as to why Vanraj is not giving him a quote. In the previous episode, it was shown that Kavya now goes to the Shah family and is ready to go to a complete ruckus. She plans to go to the Shah family to talk about her and Vanraj’s marriage. Kavya starts behaving differently as she goes. Vanraj is unable to understand this changed form of Kavya.

It is shown in the episode that at first Vanraj starts coming to Kavya’s house to tell him the truth. Kavya gets shocked after hearing this thing of Vanraj. In this way, Anupama comes in between and handles everything. Anupama convinces the householders to stay at Kavya’s house on Vanraj’s birthday.

Vanraj’s birthday party will be on the theme

Children have laid the theme for Vanraj’s birthday party. Everyone will have to wear black clothes at the party. At the same time, Anupama is also seen wearing party black color clothes. Seeing Anupama’s tremendous makeover, Vanraj’s eyes do not divert from her.

Seem to care about Anupama

Vanraj looks at Anupama and thinks how important she is to him. And till today why not given such value to Anupama. Gradually, in the heart of Anupama, the feeling for Vanraj increases. They start thinking for Anupama. Fans are quite excited for the upcoming episode of Anupama.


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