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Anxiety and Eating, How to Control Compulsive Hunger?

what is the relation between anxiety and eating?, How should compulsive appetite be controlled?, Do you know the main symptoms that you are eating compulsively?

Sexologist and psychologist José Martín del Pliego, representative of the Official School of Hypnosis of Castilla y León, answers these and other questions Business Insider Spain,

What is the connection between food and anxiety?

food anxiety, the professionals point out, is really a concern about something else. It may be a hunger for a break, a need for company that cannot be covered, “a hunger to feel good or to cover up a deeper and more uncomfortable feeling.”

Food, refined sugars and products that are artificially added to food act like a kind of drug, producing a slight relief to the nervous system. The purpose of food is nutrition, he points out, “it’s not to take away our anxiety.”

that’s why it’s important Separate the physical hunger that seeks nourishment from the emotional hunger that seeks to cover up anxiety.To whom he should connect, to know where he comes from and what he wants.

Signs You’re Binge Eating

Here’s what rules emotional hunger, psychologists explain, “There’s no physical need. We enter out of a lack of control. The compulsion to eat is so great that once it starts it’s hard to stop. Sugar, carbohydrates or Processed foods are the favourite”.

one of the connecting keys food and anxietyMartin del Pliego explains, that’s you eat too fast And, when the person realizes this, they feel very full and disgusted with themselves and filled with guilt and shame, with which they prefer to eat alone so as not to be seen by anyone.

It also affects whether there are repeated attempts to quit which are impossible, it is a constant attempt to restrict and return to relapse.

Why do you get to eat under compulsion?

To understand the connection between anxiety and compulsive eating, experts note, it should be kept in mind that “we all have pain parts in our emotional crypts that are activated by certain critical situations.”

They can be latent, concrete, without noise, but something internal or external activates it and, as it is usually old, childish or adolescent, when it comes it comes with great force and very inconsistently. does it in a way

What to do when you feel everything is out of control? 14 Steps to Overcome an Anxiety Attack

On some occasions, the person is not even aware of what makes them feel bad, but they see that there is something that has overflowed and needs to be brought under control immediately.

That’s where food comes in, as explained, which serves, even if only for a few moments, as a great short-term relief tool for what makes me feel bad. “because we eat compulsivelyWe need its impact immediately,” he says.

Worry and Eating: 7 Tips for Controlling Compulsive Hunger

remember that compulsive or emotional hunger Trying to reduce anxiety, emphasizes the psychologist.

To control compulsive hunger, if you want to work out alone, he explains, these are his recommendations:

  1. Drink plenty of water sip by sip and go to point 3. You can combine this with Point 4.
  2. Get moving, don’t stand there hungry, stretch for a while, take a walk, get out of the kitchen, do some push-ups.
  3. the urge to eat lasts between 5 and 10 minutes, “When we talk about emotional hunger, it will pass in the moment or while you’re doing other things.”
  4. Focus on slow breathing for a few minutes. The best for this are to hold the air in 5 seconds and release it in 5 seconds.
  5. Your job is to manage the time, which isn’t that long or that awful; don’t eat if you don’t need to; But, if you’re finally going to eat something, make sure it’s healthy. get things ready no sugar or processed,
  6. If you have some fun activity ready that lasts a few minutes as a substitute for a meal, it will be easier for you to act quickly.
  7. Don’t beat yourself up if you finally can’t control yourself and try again using other tools.

in your office, when you deal with patients who are suffering anxiety and eating problems“Our job will be to connect with that emotional response, release it and process it in order to heal it so that it no longer becomes a part of the person’s life,” explains the doctor.

In his case, he uses techniques that work with the unconscious, such as hypnosis or brainspotting“Which works great in these cases,” he insists.

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