AP FACT CHECK: On Jan 6th Anniversary Trump Holds Election Lies

WASHINGTON (AP) – Former President Donald Trump on Thursday clung to his false claims that the 2020 election was stolen when the country celebrated the anniversary of the January 6 Capitol uprising.

In response to President Joe Biden’s statement blaming him for the deadly event, Trump issued statements reiterating his claims that the vote was rigged. These allegations have been completely refuted.

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In an anniversary speech, Biden said Trump’s lies about the 2020 election sparked unrest. Biden said the elections were the most scrutinized in US history and that the riots were an anti-American attempt to undermine democracy, provoked by a politician who could not accept the will of the people.

Look at the claims:

TRUMP on the Biden administration: “This is what you get when you have a rigged election.”

Trump: “In fact, the election itself was a Big Lie.”

THE FACTS: To be clear, no widespread corruption was discovered and no election was stolen from Trump.

Biden received 306 electoral votes against Trump’s 232, the same lead as Trump when he defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016 in what he has repeatedly called a “landslide.” (Trump got 304 electoral votes because two voters deserted.) Biden won by winning key states on the battlefield.

Former Trump attorney general William Barr found no evidence of massive electoral fraud. Trump’s allegations of voting fraud were also dismissed by a number of judges and denied by state election officials and a division of the Department of Homeland Security in his own administration.

In no case were violations of such magnitude found that would change the result.

An Associated Press survey last month of every potential electoral fraud in the six battleground states contested by Trump found less than 475 – a number that would have made no difference in a presidential election.

Biden won Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and their 79 Electoral College votes, with a total of 311,257 votes out of the 25.5 million ballots cast for the president. Controversial ballots account for only 0.15% of his majority in these states.


Trump: “Does anyone really think Biden defeated Black Obama in only some cities in the faltering state, but nowhere else?” That he … will somehow miraculously get the most votes in American history without a fold?

THE FACTS: It’s very realistic that Biden won 81 million votes in an election where turnout exceeded Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential election. Voter participation in the November 3, 2020 elections was, in fact, the highest in over a century, according to the Census Bureau.

According to the US Election Project, the votes counted were more than 66% of the US voting age population. This is the highest rate since 1900, before all women were allowed to vote.

The number of votes itself also set records, although this is a less remarkable milestone given the country’s growing population. With more than 81 million votes, Biden became the highest ever presidential candidate in history. Trump received over 74 million, the highest for a losing candidate.

Biden’s total surpasses the 2008 record of 69.5 million votes for Obama. Biden was also on this list as a candidate for Obama’s nominee.

Election experts and supporters point to various factors explaining the rise in civic participation. Some point out that a higher turnout was expected after many states extended the timing and ways of voters’ voting during the coronavirus pandemic, while others cite the extremely high passions that Trump provoked – both for and against – in the election. which were tantamount to a referendum on his leadership.


Trump: “Biden … used my name today to try to divide America even more.”

THE FACTS: Biden did not mention Trump’s name in his speech. Instead, he called him “the former president” throughout.

Clapper reported from Providence, Rhode Island.



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