Apple doesn’t make it easy to rename Twitter


Apple still allowed Twitter to appear in its App Store under the new name “X”, and the ‘beeping computer’ portal was the first to notice. But it’s not that Apple doesn’t have any complaints with Elon Musk and they do this to annoy.

Rather, it has to do with an App Store rule made by the Cupertino company, which requires that all applications listed in its store have more than one letter in their name.

This doesn’t appear to be an issue in Google’s Play Store, where the app appears under its new name, X, with no visible mention of its previous nomenclature.

Meanwhile, the App Store continues to show that the platform’s name is Twitter. While apps listed on iOS can be up to 30 characters long, they must be at least two characters in length.

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Of course, there are some contradictions in the App Store listing if we read a little more detail of the app. For example, it says that “App X is the square of the new digital city for all.” But as we are saying, they still call the app not X but Twitter. And in the What’s New section you can read: “We’ve made improvements and fixed bugs to make Twitter even better for you.”

As has been typical during Elon Musk’s tenure, things are unclear, whether on X or on Twitter. There’s still some confusion about what to call Social, despite a new ‘X’ sign on the roof of the company’s headquarters building in San Francisco a few days ago and an ‘X’ sign on the platform’s website. network.

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It is officially called ‘X’, and the brand name change is part of Musk’s plan to turn it into a super app in the style of China’s WeChat, which is a social media platform, a paid mobile app and an instant messaging app. Is. Service, all in one.

In the long run, Apple is expected to contribute a bit, with both major App Stores listing the app under its new ‘X’ name. Until that happens, the US company has been suggested as a solution to list apps on iOS with spaces before or after the ‘X’, so that it simulates two letters.

Elon Musk should have made sure all his potential issues were fixed before announcing the rebrand. And the thing is, in some markets, the website ‘’ has been blocked for being an X-rated porn site.

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This has led to a large number of jokes and memes on social networks, something that Musk must have been used to since taking office, but which never ceases to amaze.


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