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Apple tops the list of companies with sustainable revenue

Hey environmental care has become the most important factor when investing many investors with guidelines that ESG. Apple is the top of the list 2023 Clean 200 from non-profin which they show their sustainable income reached 199 billion dollarssecond Grace O’Donnell on Yahoo Finance.

This order is indicated Top 200 publicly traded companies, out of a pool of 6,720 global companies“From an accurate assessment of the census, each county results from the products and services.”

Apple topped the list with $199 billion in sustainable revenueand it is estimated that 71% revenue tech giants to come * sustainable sourcesafter not being on the list two years ago.

Alphabet-A ranked second at $228.7 billion in pure revenue, followed by Deutsche Telekom with 89,000 million; Verizon Comm 80,000 dollars and Tesla 53,600 dollars.

“The spread of the great transition that we are in is spreading more globally – every country in the world will soon have large companies making lots of money and employing huge numbers of people as part of this global transformation,” he said. CEO of You Sow, Andrew Behar Yahoo Finance.

What started in 2016 as a list of leading clean energy companies has since expanded to include taxes. a variety of sustainability certifications, from electric vehicles to sustainable personnel. list excludes companies exposed to controversial business practices, such as investments in fossil fuels, weapons, and prisons or “to have a history of systemic obstruction of climate policy“.

“These are companies that put sustainability at the heart of their products, services, business models and investments, helping to move the world on a more sustainable trajectory,” the report said.

This year the world 200 also album He passed through 35 countriesWith most companies listed USA, China and Japan. And, in addition to the industry, there was broad representation from the sector: the industrial companies prevailed like companies information technology, materials and public services.

“It’s not just about clean energy,” he said. Nineveh Stack, executive director of Corporate Knights, such as Yahoo Finance. “It’s a whole economy, from Google advertising coming from supporting companies to dairy milk.”

Apple is serious about its supply chains

The lake has come a long way over the years in use Recycled materials and rare earth minerals.

“Over time, the entire supply chain has really gone to town,” Stacks explained. “They are getting you” carbonless or near carbonless aluminum and manufacturing the iPhone 300 ecological labels, certificationsand Lake is now building a large part of its profits.

Apple’s sustainable income is primarily from the sale of iPhones, iPads and Macsall of which have achieved certification EPEAT Gold. Criteria for global eco-complaints are considered by the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT). hardware product materials, supply chain greenhouse gas emissions, product longevity, energy conservation, and end-of-life management.Among other.

The crowd offers more than 20% with eight recycled materialsaccording to his sustainability report 2012. The MacBook Air 2020 with M1 chip is the largest amount of recycled material: the 44% of laptops are recycledbetween a* 100% recycled aluminum casing.

Starting in 2011, I started using Apple Recycled gold and Tungsten on all your iPhones. the apple is sent about 225 million iPhones in 2012.

At the same time, Lake is far from perfect when it comes to sustaining large-scale original sales. He saw the tech giant pressure on consumers and governments who makes this company difficult to repair machineswhich leads to a shorter life cycle for electronic products.

in spite of the cast Self-Restoration Servicea platform that allows customers to order parts and find instructions for repairing devices, Apple has thrown its weight behind the issue state right-to-residence lawsexcept for the water law passed in New York in 2022.

Apple closed Friday at $151.41 and is below the 200 SMA of the last candle. Meanwhile, He has mixed reports.

What Alphabet and Tesla also get

Alphabet-A has been consistently ranked in the top two of the world’s 200 companies in recent years.

Los clean income Google mostly e advertising on Google MapsWhat is wrong? the functions aimed at reducing the actual emissions in excessas cloud services powered by renewable energy.

And Tesla, Elon Musk’s electric vehicle company, pioneered increase the adoption of electric vehicles and decarbonise the transport sector. At the same time he had a partnership with . underperformed in other ESG metrics, such as revenue and litigation usage.

“Tesla doesn’t disclose operating metrics, and when it does open, it does so in the bottom quartile in emissions and tax payments.only 4.7% of EBITDA cashed taxes in the last five years) “; Matthew Malinsky, Corporate Horse Research Managersaid Yahoo Finance. “But we have noticed that Tesla is a great product for electric vehicles. So when we apply” 50% weight to products and 50 to operations; It’s a Tesla America’s Most Sustainable Car Company and one of the companies most sustainable on the planet“.

Alphabet closed Friday at $93.75 and the 70-day moving average is above the last candle. Meanwhile, e1 indices are generally bullish.

Tesla It was trading at the end of the week at $198.23 and the moving averages of 70 and 200 periods surround the price. Meanwhile, He has mixed reports.

Microsoft and Amazon are missing from the list

Two big corporate names with ambitious climate commitments are conspicuously absent from the Global 200 list.

Why Microsoft y* Aren’t Amazon among the sustainable giants? Especially about revelations.

Most of Microsoft’s activities are characterized by its activities, such as renewable energy projects and water use management. However, Malinsky noted, the partnership not provide detailed enough information about the product return determine the part that comes from the technologies that support the transition to a low economy.

Similarly Amazon buyers can identify the label “Climate Friendly Pledge” with the online shop, however the actual level of sustainability varies greatly for the self-reported ecolabel.

For example, the piles said that some products can label if the packaging is environmentally friendlyregardless of the fact, and other products must be called by stricter standards.

Research shows that in general, Companies with stronger ESG risk management practices tend to outperform peers over the long term.

As of July 2016, when the list was created, they have 200 clean companies outperformed the MSCI ACWI Street Index by 3.36%according to the report, although stocks and energy will underweight the US industry in 2022, a year in which oil and gas companies have benefited.

This highlight of the stack shows that even when investors are using a tooth-dense weed comb to increase the use of sustainable documents, there is no shortage of companies to invest in.

This change, which many have said, is like the Industrial Revolution in full swing, added Behar. “Pure power is not the future, it is the power of the present, and it is rising rapidly.”

Microsoft It closed the first week of March at $255.45 and the moving average is 200 in the last candle. Meanwhile, He’s indexes are generally unsettled.

Amazon Friday’s market close is at $94.90 and the 70-time moving average is on weekly candles. Meanwhile, e1 indices are generally bullish.

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