Apple wants an iPhone with a camera under the screen

 Apple wants an iPhone with a camera under the screen.  He will not achieve this until 2027, according to Korean sources

Apple will trust LG to solve all the challenges caused by panels under the screen

Sources in Korea say that LG is immersed in the development of technologies that will allow future iPhones to be all-screen. There are many challenges when making an under-screen camera that doesn’t lose quality compared to a regular lens. This is why, according to this information, we should not see an iPhone with this type of front until after 2026.

According to The Elec, LG Innotek is already in the preliminary development phase of an under-screen panel where the lens holes are not visible. A strange fact from the source is that it is said that “the hole of the lens is not visible when it is not used,” but the door is not closed, so it is slightly visible when we activate the camera.

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This type of under-screen solution has the main problem that it doesn’t get much light like conventional lenses because it is covered by the panel itself. LG is working on a special lens to overcome this limitation, as well as possible flare and effects. ghosting, which is usually done by phones with this type of camera.

It is also reported that Apple has already received some samples from other suppliers to achieve an under-screen camera, but for now, they describe it as “unsatisfactory.”

The case of iPhones is more complicated because you have to hide not only the front camera but also all the hardware that makes up Face ID. The source points out that these elements will also be hidden under the screen to achieve a completely free front.

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Currently, few manufacturers are betting on this type of technology. Samsung used it on the front camera of the Galaxy Z Fold 5, and we were also able to test it on the ZTE Axon 30. Despite the visual effect created by the “no camera” on the front, the results today are very disappointing.

It is expected that Apple will develop progressively in the coming years: from Dynamic Island, it will move (according to rumors) to a hole in the screen where Face ID will be integrated, and in 2026, it will choose a front without any kind of distraction.