Aragon considers implementing the Research Baccalaureate and launches a pilot professional orientation program

Aragon considers implementing the Research Baccalaureate and launches a pilot professional orientation program

The Aragon government is considering implementing it throughout the legislature Bachelor of Research and Excellence, which is so far only offered in some Spanish educational centers, and will also analyze the application of Lomlo in the context of assessment, promotion and qualification. These are some of the initiatives that the General Directorate of Educational Policy, Academic Planning and Continuing Education wants to promote, which has already started A pilot career guidance program aimed at Reduce the school dropout rate, which currently stands at 10.2%.

“We are the third community to implement it, after Catalonia and Madrid. “This is a very ambitious and powerful program.”, explained Ana María Moracho, general director of the branch, in her first appearance at the Cortes of Aragon. He reminded that its creation is a historic “demand” from teachers. It will be “inspired” by United Kingdom models with “very positive results”. He specified, “Orientation activities will be carried out in professional contexts, discussing students’ tastes and the needs of the world of work.”

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At the moment, this is already being done in some Valentine centers and once this pilot experience is evaluated, Its purpose is to expand it. “The goal is to give students a better understanding of all the possibilities before they leave the classroom,” he said.

The Education Department is also working on coordination with health to address bullying cases, which have seen a 133% increase in open protocols, and suicidal ideation, she said. In fact, In centers with the most open protocols for suicidal ideation, action is already being taken with mental health specialists, In this sense, he explained that the situation is analyzed and resources, measures and individual interventions are offered.

In addition, an educational program of tutorial actions for the primary stage is being developed to influence the risk factors associated with coexistence problems. “We are going to create a team with expertise in behavioral disorders and mental health at the regional level Which will be part of the integrated educational guidance network,” he specified.

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in regard of bilingualism Its general direction is to analyze the program britt, “to look at its suitability and the aspects that need improvement.” “The aim is to extend the same model of bilingualism All centers supported by public funds. The opposite is to discriminate against some students over others,” he stressed in reference to the fact that, until now, only public schools could join the BRIT programme. Similarly, he encouraged the study of other languages ​​such as French. Have chosen to encourage. Expansion of institutions offering Bakeback, Which allows you to obtain a Spanish and French Bachelor simultaneously.

Moracho has also reiterated his involvement with rural schools, adult education, inclusion, book banks and family reconciliation, while Socialist deputy Ignacio Urquizu has expressed regret that they have not given him “more powers and money”. “Equality and parity is not one of the strong points of this government,” he alleged.

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For her part, the CHA deputy, Isabel Lasobras, has asked for information about families’ preferences for school vouchers and the content of extracurricular activities, both included in the government agreement with Vox, but has received no response. Tomás Guitarte, deputy of Teruel-Aragon Existación, has focused on rural areas and vocational training, while Fermín Siviac (Vox) has celebrated the idea of ​​offering a graduate of excellence, while at the same time wanting to know more without Are. Success, If “voting will continue in the monasteries” on promotions and qualifications, as Lomlo said.


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