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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Are Aliens Really? The answer will be found in 2021, telescope of Rs 70,000 crore will raise curtain from Raj

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Even today in the science world, this thing remains a puzzle whether we are alone in this universe. People all over the world discuss this matter, although no clear answer has been found so far. But the top astronomer at Harvard University has said that soon we will get the answer. Professor Avi Loeb recently claimed that an interstellar object that had recently passed from Earth was actually an Alien Technology. This object was named Oumuamua.

In the year 2017, scientists discovered Omumua. However, scientists rejected this claim. But now Professor Loeb in his new book ‘Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth’ has claimed about Omumua that it was linked to the Alien civilization. Harvard scientists are among the most credible people who have claimed to have aliens. But the UFO finders are not only excited about this book, but in 2021, there are some things that are very curious about it.

CIA gave information about UFO

The US intelligence agency CIA recently classified a large number of files related to its UFO, which mention about Alien Life. At the same time, since the US Defense Chief has confirmed that the naval pilots had recorded the movements of the UFO, it has been felt that other things related to the UFO will be revealed soon. Nick Pope, who investigated the reports made by the British government about UFO, said that these are going to be very good years, there can be no better time than this for this subject.

Trump knew alien life exists!

People who have doubts about alien life believe that alien life is just a fantasy. But in the recent times, the manner in which reliable people have made revelations about alien life, there has been increased curiosity among people. Professor Loeb’s claim about Omumua is not the only statement given about alien life. Recently Israel’s former space security chief Ham Ished last year accused Donald Trump of being aware that he knew alien life, but did not disclose it to avoid mass hysteria.

10 billion dollar telescope will reveal the secret of alien life

The documents and intelligence briefings made about UFO are not only weapons to find the answer to the question of alien life, but there are also some weapons through which the answer to this question is being sought. In October this year, scientists are preparing to launch the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) worth 10 billion dollars (about 70 thousand crore rupees). Through this telescope, the successors of the Hubble telescope, scientists will try to find out about the first star after the Big Bang. It is believed that alien life can also be known through this research.

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