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Are satiating foods not fattening? , consumer

There are foods that signal fullness to the brain when eaten and can help us feel more satisfied, but at the same time, they provide us with very valuable nutrients that allow us to follow a healthy diet. Huh. It is important to know which are the products that cause this effect in the body, because not all ingredients that we think fill us up are actually satiating us.

Satisfying foods help control appetite

Correct. Satisfying foods are those that make the stomach feel full for a longer period of time after eating, delay the consumption of the next meal and avoid snacking. that is, After consuming satiating foods, the feeling of hunger takes longer to appear,

This appetite control can be important in some diets, as it sometimes leads to lower caloric intake and better eating habits, as many satiating foods are more nutritious. Considering the concept of satiety—that is, controlling appetite—is one strategy to combat obesity.

Any food that fills the stomach is satiating

Wrong. Satisfying foods contain ingredients with special characteristics that stretch the walls of the stomach and send signals of fullness to our brain. They are generally less processed products (whole or whole), contain less fat and sugar and require chewing. They fill us up because they have:

  • high water content,
  • dietary fiberwhich slows gastric emptying.
  • resistant starch: A type of starch that is able to resist digestion, that is, it is not absorbed and reaches the entire large intestine, where it ferments and is used by bacteria in our body.
  • macronutrientsProteins, Carbohydrates and Fats.

Its texture is normally solid, hard and sticky with high protein content.

Provides more protein than fiber

Correct. Both protein and fiber slow digestion and their nutrients are slowly but steadily released into the bloodstream. Therefore, both increase the feeling of satiety for a long time after ingestion. But also proteins, when they reach the intestine, release a hormone (cholecystokinin) that plays a very important role in reducing appetite and increasing satiety. Therefore, protein is the nutrient that satisfies the most. And, although to a lesser extent, so does fat. Thus, when we consume a skimmed dairy product, it has a less satiating effect than a whole one.

Boiled potatoes are the most satiating food

Correct. Susanna Holt is an Australian biochemist who, together with her team at the University of Sydney, developed a satiety index that classifies food based on its ability to satisfy hunger (expressed as a percentage) and is today a is used as reference.

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Las baked potato (with a satisfaction index of 323%) leads grade, they follow him fish (225%), the avena (209%), Las Oranges (202%), Las Apple (197%), the pasta integral (188%), the veal meat (176%) and eggs (150%). Ultra-processed foods such as a croissant (47%), a chocolate bar (70%) and a bag of chips (91%) are the least satisfying products.

They are all high calorie foods

Wrong. Satisfying foods are not synonymous with calories, because what satisfies is not the calories, but their quantity and type of digestion. have satisfying foods that contain fewer calories, such as eggs, apples, potatoes, spinach or sardines,

other satiating foods, because they contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, They can contain a lot of calories, such as nuts, avocados or salmon.But in our body, these fatty acids act as a source of energy for its vital functions. These types of fats, although they provide calories, are satiating and healthy.

Vegetables and fruits do not satisfy

Wrong. They have a lot of water, so they occupy the volume in the stomach, which reduces the desire to continue eating, although it is true that this sensation does not last long, as it ends quickly. She goes. but What makes them satiating, above all, is their fiber content, What our brain believes is that our stomach remains full for a longer period of time. This effect is more when eaten whole and raw.

Cooking method affects

Correct. The less cooked the food, the more it satisfies us. Eating raw vegetables, fruits or grains will make it difficult for the body to digest fiber, so we’ll stay full for longer. In addition, since they are not subjected to any cooking, vegetables retain all their liquid and have a higher volume than when cooked, which fills the stomach and gives a greater feeling of satiety.

Satisfying Foods Lose Weight

Wrong. If the goal is to avoid snacking between meals to maintain weight, the satiety diet works. but Weight loss is not guaranteed, because for this you have to change your habits, such as getting more exercise and cutting down on foods high in sugar or saturated fat. Also, it is very important to always keep in mind the portion consumed of any food.

A menu to delay hunger

Throughout the day, we can plan our meals with satiating foods.

, pan integral (157%). Rich in fiber and with a low glycemic index, meaning blood sugar levels rise more slowly.
, Whole Grain Oats (209%). Very satiating grain due to its ability to absorb water and increase its volume, thus creating a feeling of a full stomach.
, whole fruit, Oranges (202%), apples (197%) or bananas (118%) are fibrous foods.

, Quality Protein. eggs (150%), beef (176%) or fish (225%). Oily fish, such as salmon, sardines or mackerel, tend to be more satiating than white.
, Vegetables and Greens, Mainly due to the green leaf fiber and water content. They will be more satiating if they are prepared raw as a salad and if we add vinegar, a condiment with a satiating effect, as it slows down gastric emptying.
, legumes, Because of the fiber content. For example, pulses have a satiety index of 133%. If we cook them with rice or any other whole grain, the satiety effect will be further enhanced.

, Nuts Rich in fiber and essential fatty acids.
, Whole Natural Yogurt. It is a satiating food due to its high protein content. Seeds (sesame, flax or chia) can be added to increase the satiety effect.

, Homemade Soup. This dish is high in water and nutrients. We can add chicken, vegetables or whole wheat pasta or noodles to increase its satiating power.
, Whole fruit. For example, the satiety index of grapefruit is 162%.

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