These are the economic benefits you can get

 Are you a mother?  These are the economic benefits you can get

Numerous social groups receive government support through various services. These include seniors, workers, women, and students.

Mothers are also among the recipients of state aid. Different requirements apply to these bonuses and subsidies.

Likewise, their payments depend on the type of service, as each has its method of delivery.

What bonuses can mothers receive?

Protection bonus

A protection bonus better known as a home ownership bonus, is a contribution paid to families for two years and gives priority to mothers.

To receive payment There is no need to apply since it will be delivered automatically to those who meet a single condition: accept the invitation of the Ministry of Social Development Participate in one of the following programs:

  • Family.
  • Open roads.
  • Calle.
  • Left.
These Are The Economic Benefits You Can Get
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Child bonus

The mothers, whether biological or adoptive receive this benefit, which it receives when the beneficiary woman reaches the age of 65 and retires.

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The amount of the child bonus begins to be profitable from the date of birth of the child and is equal to 10% of the 18th minimum monthly income, taking into account the month in which the child was born and $ 165,000 for those born before July 1 from 2009. Find out how to request it here.

Maternity benefit

Pregnant employees and working men whose spouses are pregnant can receive maternity benefits.

Payment of this contribution begins from the fifth month of pregnancy but is made retroactively to the beneficiary woman once allocated.

The amount depends on the beneficiary’s salary and the allocation is requested at a ChileAtiende service center, through the IPS online website, or the ChileAtiende virtual branch.

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These Are The Economic Benefits You Can Get
From Monday, May 1st and during all months during which the gestation period lasts, Their amounts are as follows:
  • $20,328 per load for those beneficiaries whose monthly income does not exceed $429,899.
  • $12,475 per load for those beneficiaries whose monthly income exceeds $429,899 and does not exceed $627,913.
  • $3,942 per load for those beneficiaries whose monthly income exceeds $627,913 and does not exceed $979,330.

It is important to clarify that this contribution is part of the family allowance system, which provides allowances and subsidies depending on whether the recipient can support themselves or not.

Subsidio on the mother’s side

He Subsidio on the mother’s side This is a benefit that provides for an amount paid to replace the employee’s income, provided that the employee meets the requirements established by law and is entitled to sick leave for:

  • Prenatal and supplemental prenatal.
  • Postnatal and extended after birth.
  • Postnatal parents.
  • Leave due to serious illness of a child under one-year-old.
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In the first case, the Company or Isapre determines the entitlement to maternity leave and, if the leave is approved, it is determined whether the entitlement to maternity allowance, paid instead of wages, is consistent with it.

Newborn support program

The newborn support program involves the delivery of a trousseau that includes a set with the basic needs of the newborn as well as utensils such as a cot, a mattress, an entertainment mobile, and other products.

The only requirement to receive this benefit is the following The woman gives birth to her child in a public hospital The Health matter whether Fonasa or Isapre.